Time for some GUCCI!

  1. Ok ladies! It's double discount again for the employees and I was thinking I need som GUCCI since I don't have any:sad: sooo i was thinking of getting this one


    anyone have it? the only thing is the ny Saks doesn't have it in black but i guess brown is ok right?
  2. i LOVE this bag! go for it :smile:
  3. Very cute!
  4. I have it with white trim and it;s great. I never seen it in b:idea: lack??? But the brown is really cool too. Buy it!
  5. I have this bag with the brown trim. Get it, you won't be disappointed!!
  6. It is so cute.
  7. It's a beauty and very versatile! Love it!!
  8. Lovely bag lucky you getting discount x 2!
  9. i can't wait to get it! i have to wait till thrusday though and i hate waiting !! they have it online (gucci.com) in black but not in Saks... i really like the white trim too
    beljwl-does your trim get dirty?
  10. So far so good. But to be honest I just got it a few weeks ago and I have not used it that many times.
  11. I like the bag and a great price.
  12. Very nice bag and if you can get it at a better deal-GO FOR IT!
  13. How sweet is that? Double discount on such a nice bag! Brown is fine, enjoy your new purchase.
  14. Go get it! I am such an enabler :smile: