Time for my

  1. second LV. I was going to return the Sac A dos Borshore. Thanks to my hubby and others here, I decided to keep it since it was the first one I picked as a every day kind of bag. Now I would like for you all to help me decide on number 2. This is the last one until Xmas. So I want to get something I can also wear everyday not too busy or dressy! I like the Manhattan but I want to make sure I am not missing others I may like more. I am starting to get more familiar with E luxury web site.
  2. Which line are you thinking of? Mono?
  3. Yes I like the monogram canvas designs. The Papillon 30 is nice also. I have never seen one up close . I will check the archives to see someone wearing one.
  4. Papillon Damer is hot also! Help me!
  5. i think the Papillon looks best in the Damier, size 30 :yes:. i have one myself, and it's a really great bag for everyday use. plus it comes with the baby Papillon
  6. LOL, I just showed my hubby. He said buy them both! He not a good shopping pal! Do the mono bag have a longer handles/ sholder straps? I agree I think it looks hotter in the Damier. I am just not sure if I want them both in the same style. If I am going to buy 2 more bag then I need a different one!
  7. oooooh what a great hubby!
    yer buy the damier pap and the mono manhatten :biggrin: sorted haha omg id love both of these bags...
  8. A vote for the alma here! I freakin love that style (I have a damier one myself, and yes I am biased)!
  9. Manhattan PM, it's the most beautiful IMO.
  10. Ok Damier Papillon 30 in cart. Now I need/want one more to last me until xmas! Thanks to you all! Hubby will get the Manhattan for me xmas, so I will need to buy one more for now.
  11. You "got it bad" alright:lol:
    Lv addiction is rampant around this place.
    How about something to go inside you beautiful bag? Or an Epi bag so you have a bag from 3 of the lines. Epi Noe or Segur PM maybe.
  12. I will defintely add those in at Xmas. ( extra for inside my bags.) Now I am looking for a third LV. Hubby said I do not treat myself enough so I am going with it ! I was thinking of a Speedy so let me see what styles they come in.

    Last time I was excited with shopping I fell in love with tanzanite. A beautiful and rare stone!
  13. oooo your hubby is definitely pampering you! That's wonderful! Since both the papillon 30 in damier and the manhattan are more "daily wear" bags.. how about something from the Mono Satin line? That would make a very nice evening bag!

    But if you want a speedy, then you should check out the various threads in here about the Epi, Damier Azur or the Mono Lin lines that all have speedies. That would give you something different than the Damier or Mono.
  14. Epi Speedy 25 is a great bag, a little bigger than the Mono 25 & smaller than a mono 30. The Epi colors are TDF & the black is very elegant, esp on an Alma.
  15. wait for the Azur~~