Time for my baby to show off!! Chocolate betty!

  1. I'm such a dork, I'm not good with my camera- but here you go!!

    By the way, My friend saw my bag and she FELL IN LOVE with it!! Where can I find her a baby just like mine? She only wants the small not large one (she's only 4'10).

    oopsie, i uploaded someone else's pic. :P
    me.jpg chocolate betty.jpg
  2. so pretty!! :heart: :nuts:
  3. Very, very nice. Choco is my favorite color in the Betty (I love the ring zippers too). The size is perfect for you (looks great on you!). I'm not sure at this point where to find one. Did you try different Neimans, Saks, BG? Neimans and Saks could try to find one on Locator to see if any are left. Where did you find your pretty one?
  4. You wouldn't believe what kind of trouble I went through to score this. I called Saks and Nordies like all over the freakn country. Tried all the numbers listed on the board, and finally found one that was put on hold.Long story short, I got it at Nordies Seattle ! :smile:

    I called the same sales and she said no more. I also tried Saks. :sad:
  5. Is this the middle sized one? I love it! I want that size next!
  6. Annabelle- I'm clueless about these betty size. Seems like it's the middle size one. It's ALOT smaller than my ivory one, I look a bit ridiculous in that big one, but i don't have an ivory bag, oh well. :smile: and since saks didn't charge me tax, it was cheaper than my small one!

    This is the one where the other side has one horizontal bag instead of 2 more small bags.

    I love the details of this one... it's TDF!!:yahoo:
  7. Love your Bag!!! Congrats! I can't wait until mine comes in it is on back order at Neiman's until Oct. I think that this is the size that I ordered. I am 5'1, so this looks like it is going to work for me. I want mine for every day. I always casual in my dress but classy, never dress up seriously anymore. I think that your bag is a great color. The one I ordered is a plum, or raisen color. Black with plum hue. I like yours alot. Do you think that the Betty is a clasic bag that you can use for years. I do.
  8. it looks amazing on you!!!
  9. I totally do. It was :heart:at first sight
  10. faywolf, The Ivory Large size is TDF!:love: I actually carried my Large brown one today to go shop @ Nordies. I love this bag! I just slung it over my shoulder...You're lucky to have found it. They're all gone now!
  11. I hate to say this but I think this is the bag I had on hold at Seattle Nordies and when I went to pick it up it had been mistakenly sold by another SA to someone else. Sigh.
    I hope it has a good home.
  12. I LOVE this bag. I found a grey Betty yesterday and bought it so I'll eye this thread longingly until it comes:roflmfao:

    Congrats! You wear your bag well :love:
  13. Love it! And it looks perfect on you!:love:
  14. Wow its TDF, looks amazing on! Congrats!
  15. Thanks to fayewolf I found a Tan one at a Nordies in CT. The sa called saks and pm for me so it will ship out on monday. The total came to $548.xx w/ tax and shipping. I think she only charged me like 5.5% tax which is great because being in AZ the tax is 8.1%!!!