Time For Me To Come Clean!! My 1000th Post Too!!

  1. Before I start-my son has my camera so I don't have pics right now BUT don't get your Ergo thongs in a bunch-they will follow this evening. I did some shopping during the PCE but didn't get a chance to post my story yet. I wondered if I would be thought a nut. Then I read YOUR stories...and decided we are ALL NUTS!! :nuts:

    During the PCE I purchased a red patent Ergo hobo because Court kept flaunting hers and I just couldn't resist! :yes: I love it, love it, love it!! I love it so much I went back and picked up one at the boutique in white!! Also a true love of mine. I have been wanting a white bag and struggling over which one to buy-the white patent is gorgeous and easy to clean! OK, so that's two patent Ergo hobos. Certainly nothing extraordinary in the TPF world. Well, many of you know I had purchased a large Canvas Carly with the pear trim. I had never used it and the tags were still on. I had purchased that Carly after I bought my large black leather Carly but before my dh bought me the large denim Carly for our anniversary. I have had a problem trying to use that canvas Carly because while I love the pear trim, it doesn't go with all the green shirts I have been wearing. So I decided I would return it and get something else. I brought it to a Coach boutique last Saturday and exchanged it for a black patent Ergo!!! OK THERE, I SAID IT!! Please be kind when you tell me I've lost my mind.:lecture:It's just that I LOVE this bag, all the colors are VERY different, and I know I will want a black one to replace the white one when the fall and winter come. If I have to pick a favorite I will admit it's the RED but I truly love the Coach patent. It is such so soft and squishy and drapes into such a beautiful slouch. I have been using the red and white and every time I take one out I get sooooo many compliments. Men even comment on the red one. I was in the post office the other day (sending out a RAOK!) and all the female postal workers had to look at my white bag. When I told them it also came in red they went crazy! I went to the hair salon yesterday and everyone in the shop wanted to hold my red one! There is just something about this bag!! IF the mahogany was just a couple of shades lighter I might be tempted to add it to my collection. It's just too close to the black to have both IMHO. Oh and BTW, my DH thinks it's a great bag and didn't even flinch when he saw three. Makes me wonder what HE is looking to buy!! I know you have all seen photos of the patent Ergos but I will take photos tonight and add them to this thread. OK, have at me!:shame:
  2. I love it too! I am seriously considering the black!!

    YAY for your 1000 post! Don't feel bad, buy all the patent you can afford, it's AWESOME!!!
  3. Oh my God, I am appalled at the purchase of 3 ergos!:shocked:

    Just kidding, congratulations! The way I look at it, you don't wear 2 bags at once, so what does it matter if you have several in the same style. You know what you like!:amuse:
  4. I'm jealous. You're not crazy at all. Enjoy!
  5. You go girl!!! If you are going to do it, do it all the way!!! I say, if you love it, and you can afford it, then why not?!? :tup: You only live once, you know!! :p
    (I am trying to help justify it, can you tell?!?!)
  6. :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:

    Ergos make me happy!!! (See my coach porn post and you'll see that)

    Congrats!!!! :smile:

    You are not crazy-- you just know how to go all out on a style you :heart::heart::heart::heart: !
  7. You are my idol - I adore patent leather. I have the black hobo and the red tote - hhmm .... maybe I need a white hobo too...
  8. Now you just need a mahogany!
  9. Shelly, don't think that hasn't crossed my mind!! Actually, it's only like I bought two bags, right? I mean I returned one to get one. Even my DH bought that one!! :yes:
  10. Yay, congrats!

    If it helps, I have the red hobo and mahogany tote...
  11. :lecture::noggin::lecture:
    Haha jk! Congrats on the gorgeous bags & your 1,000 post!
    "Ergo thongs" hahahaha. :roflmfao:
  12. Wow....congrats!!
  13. Congrats on your ergos and posts!
  14. LOL, I got stuck reading your story trying to figure out what Ergo thongs might look like! :p

    But, who cares how many Ergos you have! So long as you enjoy them, that's all that matters. I want to see those modeling pics!
  15. You only live once, so do what makes you happy! Enjoy all of your new bags!

    -Stephanie (pond23)