Time for Dessert!

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  1. Unexpected reveal! I haven't been tracking my package... insanity, I know. But, I've been busy coaching! Thank goodness I didn't know they were here though, because of the coaching the packages have been trapped in the office waiting to get picked up for two days!

    Anyways, here ya go!

    I love opening up piperlime boxes, they are almost refreshing in and of themselves with all of the lime pattern inside!

    I had no idea what that little bag was for (I didn't ask for gift wrap or anything) so I just used it to delay the reveal a bit longer hahaha even though I've already told everyone what this is! :P

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  2. ...


    ...Caramel chicklit!! :nuts:

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  3. Pockets and lining and the guts of the chicklit

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  4. I didn't know you could take so many basic pics of a wallet lol...

    In the second pic... I adore the shape of the zipper pulls... so I put all of them in one pic and shared with you haha

    And, I immediately thought "butterscotch" when I took the chicklit out so I took a pic next to some nestle butterscotch chips but it's definitely a more rich color; duh.. more caramel than a butterscotch. If that helps anyone lol

    And then I took a picture next to my mandarin UCAP to show the difference between one of the oranges and caramel. Although caramel is a very warm neutral, it's definitely NOT orange.

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  5. Oooohh, TK, it is absolutely gorgeous!! Congrats! Let us know how you love it.
  6. OMG that's beautiful...... now I want one DANG IT
  7. Thanks Luv and Voo...

    I'm not sure if I love it or not? lol.. The color is really pretty but I do think I like caramel best with the dark brown trim... it's SO big also, I dunno. I will have to play with it and see!
  8. ^^Yeah, Chicklits are big!! Isn't that very Tano of them? :lol:
  9. Love the color Tygerkitty. I had thought about getting a Chicklit from time to time, but I figured it was too big. I had always carried something smaller, and am not a fan of the credit card slits. So a while back, I found a lawn green Bad Kitty wallet and I love it! It's big but flat and light. It has 3 separate zipped compartments and I carry my license and insurace cards in one, credit cards in another, and cash in another. I liked it so much, I bought another one in dandelion. I'll have to take a photo of them sometime.

  10. Yes, please do Celts! Would love to see!
  11. Yes Joan, I'd love to see pics of the inside of that wallet! The caramel color is lovely I agree!
  12. Hmm, dunno TK. Pretty (I like caramel without contrast trim) but the credit card thing would be a deal breaker for me. How could they not put more slots in a wallet that big???

    I only carry two credit cards but I also have my ATM, Credit Union, Costco, Auto Club, Insurance and other ID cards. And I like to know where they are; not have them jumbled all together.
  13. I think the thing I like the most about a Chicklit is it really is big enough and has the pockets to be a clutch if you needed it to be. I've dashed through the mall w/ DD knowing we were going to, say, three stores that had things she wanted and I just slipped my cell phone into the middle of the Chicklit and I was good to go.
  14. That's a big selling point, Voo. Sometimes you just want to grab a clutch and go do a few quick things. I like my card slots, too, though. There are so many membership and discount cards now! If I don't tote them all around, I never have the one I need when I need it!
  15. BTW, TK, I have to comment on the Piperlime packaging...so cute! I have never ordered from them before. I stalk the site alot, but have never bought.