Time for another market update....What's your take?

  1. Have sales gone up for you?
  2. no sellers have input? ;)
  3. noone?
  4. sales for me have been really slow.
  5. Still slow for me. Lots of watches no bidders.
  6. I've had a good 2 weeks. I guess it all depends what you're selling sometimes.
  7. I listed about 7 items 2 weeks ago, and only 2 sold. I'm going to relist the remaining 5 this weekend and see what happens. Nothing that I've got is going for record-breaking prices, but at least I'm getting rid of stuff. I'm trying to sell a bunch of cashmere sweaters and even at $40-50 they aren't going. It's pretty frustrating.
  8. I listed a bag about 2 weeks ago and it sold for the BIN (which I always set a bit high, w/ a reserve) on the 4th day. There were lots of watchers and over 12 bids.

    I have a couple of bags listed today, I'll let you know how I do.
  9. I have bids on 2 non-designer bags and 0 bids on a 3rd. I have been watching designer bags similar to mine and am disheartened to watch them go unbid.
    Maybe October is a better time to list.
  10. i think it's still slow
  11. Slower in September for me this year than in August--which has NEVER happened before.
  12. I don't have anything up right now, but sales have been so-so. i'm getting one bid per item.
  13. I sold one bag yesterday for a good price. Other than that sales have still been pretty slow. Sold a couple of things on Amazon over the past couple of days, but they were non-apparel items. Glad to get rid of them though, I went a little crazy with some stuff that was a "great deal". But it's only a great deal if you can get rid of it!;)
  14. I invested in Webkinz when eBay began slowing down. Twenty sales in the past week! I honestly can't list fast enough to meet demand!! :dothewave:
  15. I think the market is starting to pick up... the bags I've been watching have been selling for more than they did over the summer about 1 or 2 months ago.