Time for another Los Angeles tPF meet!!!!!

  1. Since it has been awhile since our last tPF meet. I thought it was time to start planning another get together.

    So, I was thinking Sat Feb. 9, 2008. We can meet for lunch at the Beverly Center. Then go upstairs for some shopping. Then for the people that would like to still do more shopping we can carpool over to Rodeo.

    Please EMAIL (since my PM box tends to fill up quickly) with your screen name and your email address if you would like to join us. I will send out Evites about a month before the meet.

    If it is 1/2 as much fun as our last meets I promise you will have a great time!!!!!
  2. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can attest to the quality of tPF LA meets. beljwl and other LA tPFers are SO cool!

  3. Awww thanks for setting this up again, unfortunately DH's birthday that day. But I hope the rest of you ladies have a great time!!!
  4. Count me in!!! Looking forward to seeing you gals again, and to hopefully meeting some new faces. Beljwl works hard to organize these, the one I went to was really fun :tup: See you all soon!
  5. I'm There!
  6. I would love to go!! But do you guys buy alot of stuff? Cause I am broke like 70% of the time!!! But I would love to meet the ladies and go to Rodeo Drive!!
  7. cool, i'll try to make this one!

  8. Please join us!!!!!!

    Actually, I don't think anyone has ever bought a purse at any of the get togethers. Don't feel like you have to buy something. I think at our last get together, I was the only person that bought anything, and I only bought a strap for my denim baggy pm. Don't worry, after Christmas I will not be buying anyting this time and I think most people are the same.

    We meet for lunch and then MOSTLY window shop.

    Go ahead and EMAIL me your info so I can keep you updated once it gets closer.
  9. I would love to go. Excited to meet everyone!
  10. I really regret not meeting up with you gals at SCP...it's just that it's too hard for me to get around when I'm a grad student! :sweatdrop: GAH!!!
  11. i just want to agree w/ what beljwl said..i've only been to a few of the LA tpf meets and usually most ppl don't buy anything at the boutiques, we just get together for lunch and windowshop (which is great, because with *five* LV boutiques in the LA area it's too hard to wait for a tpf meet to buy something at LV, and i'd go broke if i bought a purse at everyone of the tpf meets :p)
  12. I would love to go! Please count me in!
  13. I've been kinda MIA but if I don't work, I'll be there. Can't wait to see u gals again!
  14. Please count me in too!!! I missed the last and was so jealous when I seen the pics because it looked as though everyone was having a nice time.
    Not to mention I'm in need of a little girl time!!!
  15. I would love to go, I have never been to one before. I think it is great to finally get to see some of our fellow members in person.