Time For A New Thread

  1. Hello Ladies...

    It was time for a new thread. We are all here for our interests in Hermes and all it entails. I thought it would be nice to hear how everyone from aroound the world came upon a passion for Hermes.

    Please share your story on when you first fell in love with Hermes, how you heard about it, why you love Hermes, and what your favorite things are from Hermes. (it doesn't matter if you own anything or not).

    We needed something new here while we wait for the next Hermes purchases!
  2. A few years ago, I saw a friend's bag and was hooked. Then, after some research into the history and craftsmanship and a trip to my not-so-local Hermes, I was really a gonner.
    My first and, so far, only bag is a Rouge Togo Trim. It's currently the crown jewel and queen of my closet!
    Besides the obvious bags, I'm in love with the perfume, scarves of all types, small accessories, shoes, belts, bracelets/charms, and the CHINA! I hope to one day wear the clothes, as they are timeless and beautiful. The china is exquisite and I'm starting a little tea set collection.
  3. I made the mistake of buying one of those Japanese catalogs about eight years ago. I still buy those catalogs just to drool over the pictures of all the birkins and kellys.
  4. I made my first trip to Paris when I was 15. While I was there I passed the Hermes boutique and fell in love with the scarves. They were so colorful and beautiful, as beautiful as any of the paintings I had seen in the museums. And the French women exiting the store were so elegant. I wanted to be like them. Also, I am an admirer of Princess Grace and have been for as long as I can remember. To me she is the very definition of a princess. Her style was always elegant, never overdone, a true lady. To me Hermes, and the Kelly Bag specifically, represent this elegance. There are no glaring labels, just superb craftsmanship and quality. My favorite items are the scarves (I have acquired a decent collection) and, of course, the Kelly Bag (can't wait to get mine). I also love the wallets, agendas, perfume, jewelry, china, watches, basically everything. I love to browse the boutiques, they are like museums to me. Every time I visit the store my wish list gets longer and longer.
  5. One day when I was waiting for Neimans S.F to open . I noticed this very tall lady. She looked at least 6 ft . She was wearing a full length leopard coat and hat.She was sooo striking.I moved around to face her and noticed she was holding a beautiful
    huge Kelly bag . I've been wanting one ever since.
  6. I've been collecting H bags for about 25 years now, I'm sorry to say I have sold 4 along the way, but nevertheless I still have a nice little collection. I think I will go on collecting them for the rest of my life, time goes by but I never tire of them... I'm growing particularly interested in vintage H bags, there's a lady in my town who sells only vintage Hermès bags (previous to 1980) she has a small store and I often go and have a look at what she has. The other day I went to ask her about the Pullman (since I had just won the auction) and she said that it's very rare and her favourite discontinued style. She had had one not so long ago in box calf and it sold staight away... She had a lovely brown box 35 Kelly souple which I adore, the price was 1.800 euro...;) Anyway, now I'm patiently waiting for my Pullman...and then for my Etoupe Masai..and then for my Ebene Birkin..and then...?!?:wondering :biggrin:
  7. A few years ago my DH and I went to Las Vegas. He had a conference for work plus it was our Anniversary. We went to all the shops there and fell in love with the Hermes store. He bought me an enamel bracelet and my obsession with all things Hermes grew from there. Lately I have been hooked on the pocket square scarves. I would also love to own some china and, of course, a Kelly. :love:
  8. I am a member at another Hermes lovers board and came to know the bags from looking at the ladies' collections over there. I knew about birkins and kellys before that, and how prescious they are, and when I joined that board, I made a note to myself, I want to have these bags someday.

    My first Hermes purchase (bj birkin), I didnt plan that one. I just saw it, fell in love with it, and bought it. The rest came naturally, I am hooked!
  9. About 12 years ago I saw I believe SJP blue jean birkin and loved the color - called the Boston store and bought a bag I think called Kelly sport (open top but with straps and closure like a birkin w/out flap) - the problem was it had a long shoulder strap and I'm short! I used it for a while....and also bought shortly after a work tote - since then I've sold both bags....but still wanted a kelly and birkin. Hadn't thought much about them since as I was busy buying lots of LV bags and everything in between. Then found TFS and the purse boards, ventured over to the Hermes thread there....and became obsessed...and now I'm hooked! I did purchase a scarf a year ago...and have purchased several pieces lately - now I just need to slow down and finish paying for everything!
  10. I was a student at the Fashion Institute of Technology in the early 90s and we toured France to learn about fashion and perfume. We visited Hermes and they gave us catalogs and free perfume. I skipped meals so I could afford to buy an Hermes scarf with perfume bottles. Some French guy tried to pick me up and said, "I want to go on top of the Eiffel Tower with you!" It was just very romantic (France, not the encounter with the guy).

    So I have been a fan of Hermes ever since my visit to Hermes in France. However, I decided to get some Birkins due to photos of Martha Stewart carrying them to court, as well as photos of other celebrities carrying them. It seems like glamorous women carry Hermes bags. A little glamour in life can't hurt! I called the Madison Avenue store a few times and every time I called, they told me they had no birkins. This made me want them even more.

    I read that sometimes birkins do pop up, so I decided to visit the store. Well, there was a birkin in the store, but it was a 40 and too big. So I became obssessed with trying to buy birkins. This was fueled by the fact that a lot of women walking near Hermes were carrying them and I wanted to be like them.
  11. I have liked the Birkin's for about 5 years - and did so much research on ebay. But I was always scared of these sellers because I didn't have anyone to ask about authenticity or advice on reputable sellers. Also, these bags seemed out of my reach.

    Since finding tPF I have learned a great deal and have you all to help with my purchases. I now realize that I can reach this bag (birkin) if I really want it...and will not make any other frivolous purchases. I really watch what I spend now and minimize all those $20 purchases of things that I don't need.

    I am now an owner of a scarf, pending Kelly and Plume...and in search of a birkin... I know it will not stop there!
  12. My mom.. After I saw her ostrich birkin and her raisin kelly, I know I want one of each...

    Though I prefer the birkin...

    Also I love Love LOVE their twillys.. It has so many usefulness, unfortunately I always lost them somwhere when I use it as ribbon for my ponytail. I also like their scarves though not as much as their twillys...
  13. This forum............I knew about them before, but I had never considered buying anthing from them! Now my list is sooooo long: Birkin 32 or 36 HAC black togo or clemence with paladium hardware, Birkin 45 or 50 black togo or clemence with paladium dardware, another 45 or 50 Birkin in gold togo or clemence with palladium hardware, a travel plume, croc wallet, lizard wallet, virtually every tie they make, a blanket, a beach towel + bag, and it just keps growing...........
  14. I first noticed it while flying. I make trips back and forth from Shanghai and take Japan Airlines. I really liked the Hermes stud earrings that I saw in the DFS catalogue, but I didn't think they were a name brand...after all, it was DFS on the plane and not the airport.

    Then when I went to Milan, I saw the store, decided to go in and look, saw the earrings. They were reasonably priced, so I got them and came out very happy. I then asked my friend if that was a good brand. It was then that she told me it was arguably the most expensive brand name. Imagine my surprise. That totally changed my perception and my reaction. I kind of wish I didn't know...I've been somewhat more hesitant to enter the store afterwards. Not that it made much of a difference since I've gone to every Hermes store in London...but I do feel a bit more tense.

    Since coming to this forum though, I've been in love with the Kelly. And in love with the scarves and twillys.
  15. My first Hermes experience was in the 90's, picking up a scarf for 99 cents, (!!?!) in perfect condition at a thrift store, and selling for $250. on ebay :biggrin:
    That scarf funded a bag purchase of course...

    As a bag lover and an artisan, and a supporter of fine craft, the Birkin was very appealing to me. I always believed it out of reach. Like others who do not move in a circle where Hermes is worn, I must admit that media and learning about the bag helped fuel the desire. The stars with their treasures!

    My first Hermes was a twilly in France on my honeymoon a few years ago, at the airport trying to use the last of my euros! I also have a blue band Kelly watch in gold. I'd like an enamel bracelet next.

    I was able to get my dream 35 cm Rouge H,:love: and that is the crown jewel of my collection. I think I stop there with Birkin, but I'd like something in orange someday.