Time For A New Stylist......Immediately !!!

  1. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG]
  2. I hope Marc Jacobs doesn't see the bottom pic on the left or we will be seeing a new LV designed after that dress:roflmfao: .
  3. I hate when people look like they are wearing potato sacs.
  4. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]


  5. with all the money in the world, you would think that they would hire a stylist who makes them look great and not the opposite. sheesh, there were some hideous outfits up in here. :Push:
  6. Call me crazy but I like Molly Simms dress! The rest are hideous!
  7. I'd comment but after the first pic I was blinded by Sienna's shine!
  8. Is Sienna a horse? Why is she wearing a harness?
  9. Somebody got PAID to pick these out??? Holy f***
  10. It's all some evil joke! There are a lot of stylist in LaLaLand laffing their asses off right now! Wouldn't it be fun, tho? "Hey Brittany, drape this burlap feedsack over your shoulders and squeeze into this lampshade, it's the latest thing and you'll look so HOT"
  11. OMG. patricia arquette's boobies are scaring the heck out of me right now. they look like they're gonna come out of my screen and poke me in the eyes. ewww good lord. that woman needs to keep those babies in!
  12. I seriously doubt Amber Tamblyn will ever change her style-even when she was on General Hospital she always wore granny dresses to awards shows and such. I thought Molly looked pretty anyway, but that dress is not the best she has worn.
  13. Molly Simms is the best of the bunch and that's not saying much!
  14. I can't beleive that this is Kathleen Turner??
    Her face looks so bloated!:s
  15. were these all taken from gofugyourself?