Time for a new Louis!

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  1. Ok, so I get a promotion at the end of this term. I am going over to Florida and I am hoping for a new Louis bag. Basically the bag has to be a bag sutible for work, going out and shopping etc. The only thing is, is that I want it to be a Louis Vuitton as I am a manic about Louis. In my Louis collection I have;
    Beveryly XXL
    Speedy 30
    Manhattan GM
    Sac Plat
    Poche Documents.
    Obviously it doesn't HAVE to be a Louis Vuitton, but something that is classy enough for work. I don't mind about patterns, but nothing over the top.
    Any suggestions Ladies?
  2. what about the vuitton epi passy GM?

  3. This should be moved to LV...

    I would suggest either the Epi Passy or the Damier Saleya MM.
  4. Epi Passy is Gorg!
    Might actually buy it! I shall keep in-touch
    Thanks guys!