Time for a new basic black wool coat...peacoat or 3/4 length...

  1. As I sit here posting and looking outside at our gorgeous weather, I look the other way into one of my closets. I have a black wool and cashmere pea coat which is a diehard workhorse in my f/w wardrobe. She's sentimental to me...I got her from I. Magnin (remember them?) and paid about $500 for her...in 1994. Gulp: my biggest purchase at the time at tender age of 27, LOL.

    I've never regretted it. I've probably worn her at least twice a week each f/w and other than a small part of the ripped lining she has held up beautifully.

    I'm now looking at moving on as much as that coat holds so many memories for me.

    What do you think of these?

    Burberry, $750: might be too short

    Marvin Richards...a bargain at $90 (Nordstrom sale) but I've never heard of this brand - ? I do like the 3/4 length as I would wear this with either slacks or jeans 99% of the time.

    Calvin Klein, $159 at Nordstrom sale...oh of course it's currently unavailable...:push:

    Laundry, $149 at Nordstrom sale, also pretty cute in Ivory:

    I love the look of this Valentino but (thankfully for my wallet's sake) it only comes in red...$4500!


    Also diggin' this Piazza Sempione car coat...$2825 but only in chartreuse..

    Any other ideas? Hope this gives you an idea of what I like. I'd like to keep it to no more than $1200...TIA! :heart:
  2. I'm liking the Burberry one. And that Laundry one is pretty cute too!
  3. Hi Pursegrll! I love burberry, and the shorter Laundry is cute too. But for actual cold weather, I'd feel more comfortable in the two longer ones from Nordstroms. But I live where it gets quite chilly, so I like coverage! I think they look elegant too.
  4. I love the calvin klein one... the unavailable one haha
  5. Love the Valentino! :nuts:

    Out of the others, I prefer the CK. :yes:
  6. I saw a really nice peacoat-type jacket from Bottega Veneta recently. But it's not black, it's a really dark grey. I don't have a pic, though.
  7. Since you want to semi-retire your old coat, you might want to get a longer one that can provide coverage in a wider range of weather. This year is all about colored coats, though--getting a bright, 'statement' coat and wearing it just like it's a neutral--so it might be fun to get something in a bright color that you really love, and wear it all the time! You can still use your older one for backup when you want. I was planning on getting another black coat this year, but I think I'm gonna go for red (or violet, if I can find one!) instead!

    Let us know what you end up choosing! ;)
  8. I like the Laundry and the Burberry ones too. I think it depends on what you plan to wear with them. Do you wear a lot of skirts in the fall/winter? If so I think a 3/4 length coat will be more versatile. The Calvin Klein one is nice too. I see them a lot of Macys so you may want to try there if you really love it.

    I own that Marvin Richards coat in camel. It's an OK coat. It is as nice as most of the coats in the price range (i.e., Kenneth Cole, DKNY, Company Ellen Tracy, etc.) I have a client I work for frequently in Seattle so I wanted something looked nice and professional but I didn't want to spend a fortune because I don't need that heavy of a coat where I live. It's fine for Seattle weather as a winter coat. It's too warm for the fall season. I didn't pull it out until late October/early November last year.
  9. i love the calvin klein one, very chic yet not too trendy, great for everyday...but for work, i'd go for the 3/4 length.

    if i was taller, i'd definitely go for the valentino coat...it looks fantastic with boots, which is what i usually wear all fall/winter.
  10. Oh thanks for all your ideas, everyone!

    Love the idea of a deep color as an alternative to black and keeping my current peacoat on parttime duty...hmmm, maybe eggplant! I wear mostly blacks, greys, plums, deep greens in f/w.

    ZZ, thanks for the tip from the Seattle perspective and checking out Macys!

    I do have a full length black camel hair coat (another major purchase a few years ago) and a 3/4 length b&w tweedy one from NM so I'm not hurting for coats but I do want to freshen things up.

    I wear mostly slacks and dark denim in f/w...I did get a black pencil skirt at the Nordstrom sale however so I may change my mind, who knows? ITA a peacoat style doesn't work with skirts so a 3/4 length would be cool as it would go with skirts (depending on length) and pants too!

    XXXOO thanks ladies you rock!!
  11. Wow! That Valentino is stunning. Personally I like the Calvin Klein one... the good ones are never available.
  12. I'd go for the Calvin Klein. Get the style # and shop around - I'm sure you can find it somewhere.
  13. I also really like the Calvin Klein one. I would check around to see if you can find it anywhere else.
  14. I think the Calvin Klein coat is very pretty. It gets my vote.
  15. I like the Calvin Klein one as well - I used to wear one similar to that a few winters ago and was happy with the quality.
    I also really like J Crew's winter coats - they're well made and a great price, with a similar look to those you posted.