Time for a fun Mulberry bag!

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  1. Correct, that’s the micro seaton. Very nice, but not as fun as the Harlow! But is too much fun for my style? Aaaah decisions

    And yes, it’s very shiny.
  2. Thanks so much for sharing. I adore pink and handbags! These are both beautiful.
  3. And it’s not too fun! It’s amazing (but so is the Seaton!).

    One thing to consider is the chain or leather strap. I have a mini amberley in dark amethyst lizard print. I absolutely adore her but I sometimes wish I could wear her with the option of a crossbody chain as that would be more chic.
  4. Can you share what could fit inside the micro seaton
    I cant stop thinking about it
    I’m actually eyeing on micro seaton in black croc and harlow satchel in purple croc
  5. I totally understand! They are super cute!

    The micro seaton is really small. I have an iPhone 7 regular size that I could fit in there. The opening is a bit narrow then it widens on the bottom of I remember correctly. So phone, small wallet and a few small items would fit I think.
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