Time for a fun Mulberry bag!

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  1. I’m so loving the new mulberry designs lately! And at their relatively decent price point, I feel like it might be time for me to splurge on something a little less classic than my black Chanel’s etc and go for a fun bag!

    So my questing is: do you have any tips? Is there a wider selection in stores than online? When does the next collection release?

    I really like the structure on this one, but would have to see the pearls IRL first. We have a mulberry store in Oslo luckily :smile: IMG_0257.jpg

    Then I saw this one in a PurseBlog story and it’s the spring collection I think. Also gorgeous!


    Would love to hear if anyone here can weigh in!
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  2. I'd worry about pearls popping out (but that's just me). It's a sweet bag and the shape is useful. The croc pink is super cute though. Tough one!
  3. That’s true, that would be very bad indeed! Although I have only good things to say about Mulberry customer service and repairs

    I went by the store today and got on the list for a small Harlow in some kind of pink croc-leather, very excited to see it as he didn’t have pictures yet!
  4. I love the croc pink. I’ve also been curious about Mulberry lately
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  5. The pink is gorgeous! I am a fan of the older mulberry styles although I own two new Bayswaters and I think the Amberley is lovely.
  6. I know right!! So excited to see what they’re getting in store for, I guess, pre spring. He didn’t know the color exactly, but this pink or darker was the SAs guess
  7. I know, fun things coming out for sure! Very excited to see what they’re getting now!
  8. When it first changed i didn't like anything but I'm liking more and more of the designs lately. Just wish i could buy them lol
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  9. I know, change is always tricky! Like what’s happening at Céline right now, or rather Celine.

    I should probably hold off too but not sure I can resist!
  10. So there’s a few additions up on the website now! I think the Harlow pink croc is the one I’m on the call list for. Excited to see it in real life but there’s allot of fun colors here!

    Anyone know how tiny the micro seaton is irl?

    IMG_0322.jpg IMG_0323.jpg IMG_0324.jpg
  11. I'm really starting to like some of the new bags especially the Harlow. I recently purchased the Small Harlow with the Pearls for a special occasion, I'm very pleased with it I was surprised how lovely the leather is. I've not bought Mulberry for the past couple of years but am tempted by some of the new bags. I like the look of the Small Hampstead as well I may need to add this one to my Christmas List ! ;)
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  12. Oh that’s so fun that you got the pearl one! It really is super cute. And good to hear that you like it, I’m seriously contemplating one of the new colors and possibly croc. Too bad that their 100£ more than the regular leather one but oh well. Still decent prices I think and I love mulberry quality and customer service as well

    I’m normally not into drawstring bags but the Hampstead is cool I think, it has some character.
  13. I am obsessed with the pink croc too, it is so beautiful! The Micro seaton in the croc colours are also calling my name :heart: I've seen the micro seaton in other colours last season and it is quite small, but would fit your basic essentials- phone, keys, card holder, coin pouch, lipstick (I would imagine, I don't actually own one to check!) It looks small but not too small!
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  14. So the Harlow came in for me today! I went for a look and was a bit unsure....
    it’s very much a Barbie-pink, so it does stand out! Also the croc leather is very shiny and not very luxurious feeling, but I think it will be very sturdy and hold up well against scratches and discoloration. I decided to take a few more days to think it over but I’m very tempted as this is the most fun bag I’ve seen in a long time! I’m comparing it to the micro seaton with is calf(I think). IMG_0400.jpg IMG_0403.jpg
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  15. I prefer the darker pink, is it the Seaton? The Harlow looks too shiny to me.
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