Time for a Bye Bye to my Dior Pink Boston

  1. I have decided to sell my bag to someone I know in Thailand. I bought this bag from my friend initially as when I saw it I fell in love with it due to its cuteness. However, when I got it I realise I did not like it as much so I only occasionally used it. Now it is time for it to depart to another owner who will like it hopefully more than me. This bag serves me well. :heart:

    PS. I sold it for £125. Sad to see it go :push:

  2. its always hard to sell your bag, but if you didnt use it enough its the best option really... u get the money, the person gets the bag she will love and the bag wont sit sad on the shelf in the closet ! ;)
  3. aww.. Yah. it's always hard to say goodbye to a bag. But like Natalie said, it's a win-win for you and the new bag owner =) You can put the money towards your next beauty :heart:
  4. aww that is a bit sad. but good that you can let go. think of it that way!
  5. bittersweet....i'm sure you'll find a bag that you will like much better :smile: was that the small or medium size ?
  6. It is the medium size one.

    Thank you everyone :heart: you made me realise now that selling it means now I can go down my long wishlist and see which one I can buy next :wlae::love:.
  7. oh man, it's one of the bags I wanted and missed. I am still on the hunt for it. I am sure the next owner will adore it. :smile:
  8. It is a lovely bag.
  9. I have a simular Dior bag but with the number 1 on it and it is simular to the Dior logo- I have only used it once but I wish I was like you and sold it, however I just can't part with mine
  10. I have the Boston girly and haven't had a chance to use it out yet, waiting for spring-summer weather to kick in! I don't think I'd ever sell it tho, it's a classic style in my opinion and so ME, lol.
  11. Do you know where I can still find this style? I know nothing about Dior. Thanks!
  12. ...
  13. thats an old style eBay is your best bet! :smile:
  14. I tried that! Doesn't look like anyone else wants to part with theirs, haha.
  15. will keep an eye on them for you...have u seen the other ones i suggested in authenticate this thread ? ;)