Time between date code and Purchase???

  1. Sorry for all the questions...

    I purchased an EPI wallet (PTI) on Sunday and just thought of looking for the date code at lunch today. The wallets date code is from over 6 years ago!!! Feb. 2001!!! I am reading the datecode right, I check a million times after!!! Is this not way to long for the botique to have it??? I just hope it hsn't been a display model the whole time!!!

    Let me know what you think!!! Has this happened to anyone else!!!

    P.S. With this date code, this makes my 'new' wallet my oldest piece!!!

    Thanks again!
  2. whats the date code...
  3. they changed the way they do date codes now... are you sure you're reading it right?
  4. CA0021 Which is feb. of 2001.....
    Does that not seem like a long time to keep the wallet in the store???
  5. yep that is feb 01.... old stock I would guess. does the pti have 6 c/c slots or 10?
  6. i'm sure if you get a light, they are had to see you'll find out the date code 0027 which would then be the 2nd week of 07. Having a wallet from 01 seems way to long to have not gone through stock.
  7. 6 CC slots, in Red EPI!!
  8. sorry I was thinking monogram ( having the 10 c/c ) again i'm sure if you get a light you'll find its 0027 not 0021
  9. I have checked a million times and sort of streched the wallet and I compared to another item that has a 1 in it and it is indeed a 1. I am guessing it might have been misplaced or burried and then it was found. I just don't like the thought that it could have been a display model the whole time!!! :sad:
  10. then return it and ask for a newer one. check the date code before leaving the store. :smile:
  11. Or it was buried in stock and someone just found it, or it was passed on from another store where it was in stock but didn't sell. That doesn't mean it was a display item. Epi PTIs aren't one of the most popular items so it's not a big deal that the date code is older.
    Also, for future reference, there's a date code section :yes:
  12. FEB, 2001:confused1::confused1:
    that long ago...
    once upon a time...
  13. That's what I was thinking. :yes:

    I'd just keep the wallet and enjoy it... rather than have to drive back to the boutique and go through the hassle or returning it.
  14. I bought an epi pocket agenda last year, took me a few days to check. Date code was for 2003. didn't return it though coz it was a mandarin color that I really liked. I guess epi wallets are not that popular :smile:
  15. I had a key holder. It was over 3 years old when I got it from the store. I didn't realise that at the time until I had to take it back a year later because it was peeling and the basically thew it back at me and told me it was nearly 5 years old and that would be expected. I had no receipt and it took 4 weeks to get the Brisbane Australia Store and the Basel, Switzerland store to communicate with each other and confirm it was only 1.5 years since I bought it.