Time article: It's All In The Bag

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  1. "designer bags run from $900 to $1200". If that was the only range, I'd be so grateful! When was this written? The prices seem to have jumped much higher lately!

    I totally agree with you about the fluff... it certainly lacks some depth.
  2. The Coach "legacy" line coming out soon sounds nice...
  3. Ooh, I think it would be fun to be a handbag designer.

    COACH should hire us as their consultants prior to launching a new bag. I must admit, I was not dazzled by that down by the sea Coach line known as the bubble print resort collection.[​IMG]

    As a grown woman, I would feel akward and silly toting these bags around. Ooh, don't get me started on this...
  4. That's cute... I might not carry the tote but I'd def. go for the accessories for a whimsical summer. And coral/coral colours is in too!
  5. Is it a line for new mothers?????? It looks like a nappy bag.
  6. The patchwork tote reminds me of Lilly Pulitzer dresses.
  7. The bubble print resort bags are kinda cute.
  8. Thanks for posting the article. I'm looking forward to seeing the Legacy bags. I wish they'd recreate and reinterpret some of the
    Bonnie Cashin bags. I'm mad for turnlocks, frames and kisslocks. :love: