Timberlake & Diaz * Still Going Strong *

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    Longtime couple Justin Timberlake and Cameron Diaz are still going strong, according to a source who vehemently denies reports the couple have split up.
    Veteran Hollywood journalist Janet Charlton reported on her website Thursday that Timberlake had dumped the star in order to "sow his wild oats" on a tour to promote his new record 'Futuresex/Lovesounds.'
    However, a source, who is reportedly close to Timberlake, tells People magazine, "The couple are in fact very much together, as he prepares for the release of his album.
    "Of course, made-up sources have had them breaking up, getting married, and having a baby ever since they began dating over three years ago."

    I think Cameron Diaz is really sweet, Her and Justin seem to be good for each other, for now. :heart:
  2. oh wow! i just met cameron on friday! we were both shopping at Neimans. she seemed pretty laid back and nice. :smile:
  3. I love them together...I love the older woman/younger man aspect. Very hot!!
  4. Neutral on this one...
  5. lucky! I love her! and I love him...they've been together for awhile now...I wish them the best of luck, they try to stay out of the limelite IMO and don't try to market themselves. I think they make a cute couple :smile:
  6. ^^^ I agree. They just seem to be a good couple, I wish them the best.
  7. I like how they compliment eachother.:shame:
  8. i just read on a mag where they were skiing, and helped a girl who got tripped or something, and the girl was clueless that the people who stoppes for her is cameron and justin until the medis came and they open their mask...
    ooohh, such a lovely couple :smile:
  9. My cynical side thinks it his PR people putting out rumours, to generate more publicity for his new album. After all, it has taken a while for him to finish it.

    I hope they are fine, they seem like a good couple, very well matched :smile:
  10. that's nice ...

    I like both of them..she seems fun to be around.
  11. [​IMG]
    On their way to Europe. She looks hot. I like her jeans. I love that wash. Does anyone know who makes it?
  12. Good to hear. Wish them the best.
  13. ugh...I hate her. but you know, whatever
  14. i love her and hope they stay together for awhile.
  15. I love this couple, they don't draw too much media attention to themselves.
    When is Diaz coming out with a new movie??? Her last one "In her shoes" was awesome.