Tilton, NH Coach Outlet

  1. Hello. This is my first post, so hello everyone :P

    Just curious to see if anyone has ever been to the Tilton, NH outlet and if so anything good?

    TIA! :biggrin:
  2. GREAT OUTLET! They have TONS of stuff, always a sale and no sales tax. Everytime I go I can never decide what to get because they have so much great stuff. Bags, wallets, hats, makeup bags, keychains, scarves, belts! I could keep going. I have never seen shoes there though. They carry alot of the classic duffles in leather and mono and have alotof current stuff too. Are you planning on going there?
  3. Actually I live like 45minutes away from there and stop in once in a while especially when I know there might be a good sale. But I just wanted to see if anyone goes there and get's any good deals or whatever. :yes:
  4. In all the coach outlets I've been too I only see shoes there if they were returned to the outlet store. And I've only seen that twice.
  5. Great outlet. Better then Kittery Maine or Raythem MA. Always a great bargain to be found. I purchased coach sneakers at the Coach store in a local mall but the bag to match was $398.00. I found the same bag 4 months later at the Tilton outlet for $101.00.
  6. Kittery Maine Outlet has more Jackets and coats then I have seen in Tilton if you are looking for clothing. Tilton has a much better prices and selection of purses and accessories though.
  7. I think I am going to make a trip up there tomorrow AM to see if I can score any good deals before the 25% coupon expires. If anyone has been and wants to share I would appreciate it. Thanks!
  8. I was there over a week ago, so I'm sure things have changed. There were Ergo pleated hobos, Sig stripe bags, Delphines, NO more Legacy...that I could see. Again, I'm sure things have changed out in a weeks time, but good luck and report back if you go!
  9. Just got back. They have Kristin wristlets in blue op art, peach leather. Both 50% + 20% coupoon.

    Kristin large hobo at FP + 20% off coupon. I passed on those. They had yellow/white. Kristin wallets, the med turnlock styles. Saw those in yellow & peach leather and black/white sig. The Kristin top handle pouches were 50% + coupon as well. They had peach leather and blue op art sig.

    I did pick up a Kristin ottoman sig tote. I was told that's the only one they had but there was still obviously a lot being unpacked.

    There was one plum Maggie for $539 - 50% - 20%. Gorgeous bag, just too big for me!

    The Peyton Slim Envelope wallet in that awesome metallic was 50% + coupon but I passed. It seems to scratch very easily.

    HUGE clearance all 50% + the coupon. Off the top of my head, they had rosegold Ali pouches, lots of the sig print multi-totes, mens stuff, gallery totes, leah, tattersall pouches along w/ a few other colors in patent. Some misc MFF stuff, tattersall and heritgae makeup bags, lots of wallets.

    Sorry, that's all I could think of. Tried for spy pics but my phone battery was dead :sad: If you're looking for something in particular, name it and maybe it'll jog my memory. They were super helpful on the phone, so maybe that would also help. Coupons were being handed out at the door.
  10. I almost forgot, they had 2 pink croc maggies! Just saw it in someones avatar and remembered :smile:
  11. Wow, I live 40 minutes away from the Tilton outlet and 10 minutes from the Kittery outlet...Thanks

  12. is it 14778? I think it's still on the coach.com
  13. Enjoy! They were still unpacking when I left, but since I had 8 or 9 already I decided to do my wallet a favor and leave!
  14. Yes, that's it! I love it. The lining is gorgeous and it just looks so classy on the shoulder. I'm not a huge siggy fan but couldn't pass this up!
  15. Oooh, thank you for the update! I think I want to try and go at some point this weekend!!