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  1. Hi All

    Does anyone own a Tillie bag in the regular size.

    If so how do you rate them as an everyday bag.

    Many Thanks :smile:
  2. I do, it's a lovely bag and beautiful leather but I find that it's a bit of a pain to get into and that the strap is too short for a comfortable cross body, which is how I prefer wearing my bags. However, as a handheld it's very nice!
  3. Thanks Kyliegul how long is the long strap at its longest?
    Which colour do you have? :smile:
  4. I agree with Kylie - it's a lovely bag but very faffy and the long strap is quite skinny and digs in if you have more than a few items in the bag. The hardware on this bag really adds to the weight......

    I had the black mesh and the leather was TDF, best smelling leather in ages..... and very thick and chewy.
  5. Hi lulu09

    It's the black mesh I was looking at, does it look ok and not like a string vest lol.
    I was just wondering if these bags are popular :smile:
  6. I dont think that they are as popular as some other styles such as bays, lexy and daria but it was lovely..... The mesh leather was gorgeous....... So long as you can cope with the faffyness then I'd say go for it....

    I'm rubbish with faffy bags and can't even cope with an Alexa....