Till Death Do Us Part - King Baby Wedding Band

  1. Thought you girls might get a kick out of the new wedding band style ring I purchased for my guy...adds a whole new meaning to "Till Death Do Us Part". The ring is by King Baby and purchased at Neiman Marcus. The inner part of the ring actually spins.
    :love:A very romantic Valentine's Day gift, huh?

    PS Plus I'm still loving the whole skull scarf thing so this way he gets to participate!
    king baby skull ring.jpg
  2. That's really neat ! A very cute V day present for sure.. :graucho:
  3. Oh man I dig that!
  4. I love that!! Don't think the boy would though.
  5. Thanks, he thinks its cool, but he pretty much likes anything I pick out. I'm sure it will be something to talk about.
  6. Love it! My boy wouldn't though...he doesn't like skulls but I would totally wear that myself. It's rockin'! ;)
  7. ^ Definitely is rocking! My guy wouldn't wear that either, but I totally would! Hah!
  8. Hello! I'm new but loving the fact that there are so many kindered spirits out there. Love the ring.....King Baby really has some cool pieces. His site is quite nice to visit. I bought a cool crown ring and the lion's head door knocker ring.....fun to wear when I'm in that "mood". I like your take on the spinner ring.....
  9. I like that one! Thomas sabo has some cute mens rings too in their latest collection.
  10. That's Awesome! My Hubby doesn't wear any jewelry though... You should check out Chrome Hearts also, they rock!!!!
  11. Very cool indeed!
  12. Love it!
  13. loves it!!!!!!! wow i should've gotten something like that for my hubby great ring.
  14. Thanks everyone, he's enjoying it...it definitely gets attention!
  15. Very cute!