Tila Tequila

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  1. Anyone familiar with her?

    i liked her for some time, but---

    I am tired of seeing her everywhere on myspace.

    Too much is enough.


    Pic included- *warning! its kinda a sexy pic*


    Heres a link to her Myspace page---aka the page that made her famous!

  2. You should post that in the nipple slip thread!
    (Although I don't know if that counts if it's on purpose for a photo shoot!)

    I think she . . . sings, or something?

    When I first signed up for Myspace, I saw a lot about Forbidden, but I don't see much about her anymore.
  3. lol. Forbidden was pretty hot! I havent seen her around anymore--forgot about her!

    Well, Tila use to be a porn star, then she supposively hopped on myspace & thats when her fame began. Now she sings( dont like her music--its all trash) , was/is a car model, and has her own clothing line.

    I give her props though for doing this all on her own! She seems like a very ambitious girl with lots of goals!
  4. She's gross.
  5. Ew forbidden is a bro-hoe.

    I like tila she's cute and spunky..
  6. haha...

    i hate pages that are TOO clutterred with TOO many pics & graphics.
  7. way before myspace, Tila Nguyen was all over AsianAvenue... i think she's kinda pretty/cute, but sometimes not so much. i guess it's that import girl look that i just don't find attractive. i've never really been a fan, either
  8. They both look like they could be Maxim models. (I think Tila Tequilla has been in Maxim, actually. Or it could've been Stuff.)
  9. Yupp Tila made cover for STUFF mag!

    There was an article about her today or yesterday about something...

    let me go find it...
  10. New York Daily News - Home - Rush & Molloy: It's Tequila sunset for loverboy Leto

    The queen of MySpace has one less pal: Jared Leto. Tila (Tequila) Nguyen, who Time magazine called "the least lonely girl on the Internet" with 1.5 million friends on the Web site, has jettisoned the Maybelline-penciled "Panic Room" star.
    The New York wild child claims that for three years, she had a sexual relationship with "an actor," who sources say is Leto - though he kept it hidden and then went AWOL.
    The 25-year-old temptress wrote on her page: "A few months go by and all of a sudden I hear from this 'actor' person once again. You won't believe this ... but he was actually looking for an 'apology' from me! Are you f- out of your f- mind, a-? Why do I need to apologize for you being a f- a-?"
    Just as Patsy Cline sang, Nguyen says Leto is "sweet to me when nobody is around, but when we are around other people, he acts like a different person."
    Perhaps that's because Leto, who was one of Cameron Diaz's fiancés, had been linked to Lindsay Lohan and Scarlett Johansson during that time. The bisexual Nguyen often hooked up with Leto, sometimes with a friend, in the actor/musician's rehearsal studio, claims a knowledgeable source. Leto's spokeswoman Robin Baum told us, "All of this is completely false. ... The only truth is that Jared does know who she is."
    But something certainly angered the beauty, who's in Adam Sandler's next flick, runs a merchandise empire and has a spread in Chaunce Hayden's Steppin' Out magazine. To top it off, she releases a vengeance video today for her Lil Jon-produced song, "I Love U," which is said to be about - you guessed it - Leto. Looks like the actor may need a shot of Tequila after all.
  11. What did she do?? :shrugs: I don't even find her that attractive..
  12. She models and she's a musician, apparantly.
  13. Shes famous for nothin really.

    Thats the funny and surprising thing.
  14. Yeesh. She drives me nuts. Everyone and their relatives have her on their top 8 on their myspace page.