Tila Tequila has her own show on MTV now.

  1. Have yall heard? She announced it on myspace a few days ago.

    Yep! MTV gave her a show and its going to air next month I believe.

    Her show is about her looking for love ( what's diff w/ the shows now days anyways?!) but the special part about her show is that she's bisexual and theres going to be women & men contestants trying to win her love.

    What do youuu think?

    For those who don't know who Tila is..she's really a nobody as most ppl would say about her..but heres a link to her page anyways!

  2. I thought she was a porn star too? Either way, she's another one of those talentless attention seekers. But in her case, she's not really in the media, but just trying desperately to be.

    Atrocious. What is the world coming to?
  3. It's amazing how the general public can demand so much of a person to the point that everyone else thinks they are something special? She is a nobody who deserves no attention. Being a myspace hoe does not make you an important person. I love who society rewards...

    Either way, I am going to end up watching this show because it's going to be incrediably horrible
  4. who???another dumb reality show. shes not even hot. whatever....
  5. Ugh, it looks terrible.
  6. Of course. I'm not shocked. It seems if you dye your hair blonde, get implants, and show your privates, you are guaranteed a show of your own. She started off as an import car model. She used to sell LV bags on eBay with her posing with them between her legs. I need to start on my own reality show already.
  7. Well, people are eageringly following Britney Spears and Paris Hilton, how this woman is any worse is beyond me.
  8. Nothing surprises me anymore!
  9. LOL! another reality show I won't be watching.
  10. Gosh, what has the world turned to!
  11. Oh my gosh are you serious, between her legs? Ewww!
  12. i like to think i'm still a teenager [hehe!] & i watch A LOT of those cheeseball MTV reality shows .. but this is one that i DEFINITELY wouldn't even flip on for 30 seconds! ..

    she's totally traashy!
  13. omg no way! lol! great way to make a sale! haha..

    does any1 know her ebay name?
  14. My husband and I both saw the trailer last night at the same time and just turned to each other and said "you've got to be kidding me."
    I never watch MTV anyway, BRAVO is my baby. So no love lost...but LVs being sold with them between her legs? Too bad we don't have her eBay name for a good laugh!