Tikal PM

  1. For those of you that have this, can you please post a pic of the inside with some of your things. I want to get an idea of how much it holds. Thanks. ;)
  2. Hi i just buy it very lovery :love: i hope you will like it
    Ha Ha Ha i put the wrong foto :P sorry
    03092006674.jpg 03092006676.jpg 03092006677.jpg 03092006678.jpg 03092006679.jpg
  3. Thanks. I think this the pochette though. It's very cute, congrats.
  4. I can do this for you a little later on today!

    For the record, mine holds a cellphone, my Koala wallet, my car keys, a lipstick, and my ipod OR small agenda, very comfortably. I love this bag.
  5. How much is this bag? I love it too.
  6. Thanks Jane, I really appreciate it. I can't stop thinking about this bag. It's so cute.
  7. Here is my Tikal PM, holding a MC Koala wallet, a small agenda, a flip phone, a set of keys, and a lipstick. In the flat pocket, I could also store my bus pass or anything else you just need to grab, like a building ID, etc. Hope this convinces you to buy one ! As far as I recall, it was $750. The higher price is due to the hardware, turnlock closure, and softer monogram canvas.
  8. Thanks Jane. I am getting more in love with this cute bag.
  9. I haven't seen it on elux in ages, I think it must be very popular or something. So I guess you would have to call the 866 # or your local LV counter :smile:
  10. Thanks sooooo much Jane! It looks pretty roomy and soooo cute!
  11. to those who own or know --- does the Tikal PM hold as much stuff as the Pochette Florentine or Mono Pochette?

    Looking at Jane's photos, it looks like it can hold alot! thanks for the pics...it helps!
  12. I consider it a weekend/evening bag rather than the kind of bag I would take to work or something. So it definitely fills a certain niche.