Tikal PM

  1. What do you gals think of this new bag? Anyone seen it in person?

  2. Yes I have. Its very sleek and classic. The gold lock adds a classy and understated bling to the bag. The handle with the symmetrical hoops is elegant too. But its a tad ex, don't u think?
  3. I love it! It's very cute, and I love the turnlock closure :smile:
  4. i like it. i'm not a fan of the lv monogram series but the closure adds a little something that makes it less plain.
  5. Saw it in person. Very cute. but I'm not too much into monograms. But it's a cute bag though =)
  6. Its cute IRL..BUT its pretty small..Thats why I chose the Tulum Gm instead..its a MUCH bigger bag...
  7. i saw it too. it's very cute but small, as Jill said. I don't think it can really fit a whole lot more than a pochette.
  8. I've seen it. The lock closure reminds me too much of Coach. Not very original. I didn't really like it.
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