Tikal PM

  1. Hi,

    I'm new in this forum... Learned alot from all you members, Thanks!:biggrin:

    This is what my work depression leads me too => a totally unplanned purchase..



    but I totally love it :love:
  2. you need to become depressed more often. Only kidding. Great purchase.
  3. What was the retail on that? Measurements? Cute bag!

  4. Very pretty.
  5. beautiful!
  6. That's such a pretty bag..congrats and welcome! I've never seen that bag before but it's cute!!! :love:
  7. TOO CUTE!!! Is it an older style or a brand new one? I like it!
  8. I was looking on eluxury just a while ago and I saw them on their new arrivals. Very cute stuff!!
  9. oh wow! that is a really cute bag!
  10. that is such a cute bag. Congrats.
  11. Thanks .... :biggrin:

    It's is totally new, äctually it was the last piece available in the store... Had to buy it.. Can't leave an LV store empty handed!
  12. moonlight do you remember how much that bag was on eluxury?.....i just clicked the link and it's sold out so i can't see :sad2:.....

    great purchase though it's really cute :P
  13. ^ jc - it's $715
  14. CUTE new purchase!! I love it!

    And I hope you're feeling better, kick that work depression away =)