Tikal PM owners: tell me about it!

  1. Hello Tikal PM owners.

    I'm thinking that I need an LV shoulder bag. So, what is your opinion of the Tikal PM? Do you have pics of you wearing it and/or pics of what it will hold? Are you satisfied with it? Does it stay on the shoulder well, and is it comfortable?

    Many thanks!
  2. Shameless bump. Thanks.
  3. I want to know as well...that bag is super cute....more info needed if it is really worth it....
  4. My Mom has the whole Tikal family, and she usually has the mini Pochette inside, Cles, phone (inside Pochette with mirror, lipstick, pen, calculator). and most likely her Zippy Wallet.


  5. Kristan, you mom's collection is so beautiful. Thanks for sharing!
  6. i love the tikal (pochette?)
    it looks expensive though...
  7. My mom has the tikal pm too and she loves it! It holds quite a bit and she has her koala wallet as well as her camera, cell phone, and lipstick. Good luck on your decision!
  8. i just bought Tikal GM..its Amazing!!
  9. I was looking at that just tonight while at LV, it is super cute!
  10. I wonder if it can fit more than a Recital? The closure is adorable!
  11. I got the Tikal PM last August and I adore it. It's so perfect for carrying on the weekend and it's very light and comfortable. Also the canvas is softer than regular LV canvas, and the hardware is gorgeous. This is the bag I think of every time I am tempted by a similar, cheaper flap bag. She is irreplacable!