Tikal PM anyone own one???

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  1. Tell me do you love it...does it hold much? sell me on it...is it worth it???
  2. here's jane's pic from similar thread. I love this pochette, very cute and roomy:[​IMG]
  3. I don't have one, but I think it's super cute! Probably not the roomiest bag, but it's adorable and not one you see all the time. Kind of unique, ya know?
  4. thanks nita...love the look of this small handbag...super cute...me want now
  5. i saw a girl holding it the other day at the subway. ITS SOOOO CUTE! i want one too!! hahaa..but that's gotta be in couple of months later
  6. I owned one for exactly 15 minutes. I left the store and found it was too small, and the short strap drove me insane. I exchanged it for a Sologne.
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