Tignanello Handbags - Anyone ever heard of this company?

  1. I found some really cute leather bags from Tignanello, very reasonably priced too. It's not top of the line like Gucci or LV, but I like the looks..here's one as an example. It's available in black, chamois and honey.... Opinions? Experiences buying this brand?

    List price is $150; sale price $110. It's pebble grain leather, size 16x13x5, 30 day mfr warranty. Magnetic closure, fabric lining, 7 in interior zip pocket; 2-3.5 side pockets, hardare is silvertone polished

  2. Yes, I have heard of Tignanello. They are some nice bags with good leather.
  3. they're ok i guess...but i really don't like how they feel. it's got that feel to it that makes my hands all dry, if that makes any sense.
  4. I have one and love it. The leather is soft and the bag is well made. I say go for it!
  5. I have two..They were my first "decent" bags and I think for the money that they are well made. I was able to find mine at TJMaxx so they were quite affordable, too.
  6. I also have 2 of these bags and they are affordable and cute. The leather is good and they aren't cheaply made. I bought one off ebags.com and the other from TJ Maxx.
  7. Yep, the're a staple of TJ Maxx. Very nice bags from what I have seen.
  8. I love Tig bags -- I've got several myself. IMHO, they have great lines, are extremely practical without sacrificing style, and the quality exceeds the price (esp when you can find them marked down at TJX).
  9. I was sitting next to a girl on the plane who had the cutest bag and it was Tignanello! Thanks for reminding me. I'm off on a bag hunt now...
  10. QVC sells them too
  11. I purchased a Tignanello wallet and it's wonderful. I purchased it from QVC.
  12. I just bought my first one. Usually I buy Stone Mountain. I was wondering though, my Tig bag got a ding in the leahter the day after I bought it. This ever happened to anyone else? I've sent and inquiry to the company. My Stone Mountains I "abuse" and they never get dings that fast!
  13. I have bought a couple of Tignanello bags off of e-bags and I've been really happy with them. This is one of the few brands that makes quite a few bags in Navy - which I love.

    I like buying from e-bags because they give you a 20% discount on your next purchase if you write a review of the bag you have purchased. So far I have never paid full price for anything from them. Peggy
  14. Tig bags are sold at Marshall's, too.
  15. I love them. They are very well made, and afforfable. I have sold a few vintage and pre-owned on ebay. They sell well! They were featured as the bag to own in sime people magazine a few months ago.