Tigi Brunette Goddess and Dumb Blonde

  1. Is Tigi Brunette Goddess OK for brunette highlighted hair? My highlights are a blondish tone but I am definitely brunette. What about using the Dumb Blonde? Thanks for clarification ... oh and I tried the Tigi Catwalk Oatmeal and Honey shampoo today ... WOW! Smells good enough to eat and really worked well. My hair is silky and soft. :tup:
  2. Scratch that my highlights are blond, thinking about it, they are more honey/caramel ... with traces of blond mixed in.
  3. Depends what you want. If you want to keep the blonde looking bright, go for the Dumb Blonde. If you want the overall hair looking good but aren't as concerned about keeping the blonde fresh, go for Brunette Goddess. I am addicted to Brunette Goddess, it smells unbelievable. I also have brownish-blonde highlights.
  4. I love the Catwalk oatmeal and honey!! Thats what I use! On the subject i think you could go either way personally I would probally use the dumb blonde...i'm not sure if these shampoo's are pigmented tho so that could be a factor in deciding too!
  5. I use the dumb blonde shampoo and conditioner and LOVE IT!! I usually switch to lowlights in the f/w and may try brunette goddess at that point but for now it's blonde blonde blonde (OK, highlights, hee hee).
  6. I use the TiGi Brunette Goddess and i have brown hair and blonde highlights.
  7. hi Rin, so the brunette goddess doesn't tone down your blonde highlights too much - ?
  8. I use the Dumb Blonde, my hair is platinum. When I was brunette I used the Brunette Goddess, they are both wonderful shampoos. You could use either one.
  9. Exactly, I will have to find that part out.
  10. Thanks, so you don't think the brunette would tone down the highlights ?
  11. It doesn't with me o.o.My hair stylist is blonde and she uses Brunette goddess lol.
  12. cool, sounds good, thanks! :heart:
  13. I've got Dumb Blonde shampoo, and I'm a blonde now, but I purchased my first bottle when I dyed my hair from brown to red. So I've been using it with red, brown and blonde hair, and it doesn't matter what color it is at all! It's just a product made for dyed or highlighted hair, so you can always use it.
  14. Excellent, thanks!