Tigi BedHead flat iron

  1. Does anyone own the BedHead ceramic flat iron by Tigi? The picture is attached below. I was thinking about buying it, but I wanted to get some opinions first. I flat iron my hair almost everyday, so I want something that works well and is durable.

    I talked to my hairdresser at Toni & Guy and she suggested that I buy the flat iron that is only available in their salons ($150) The one pictured is around $70. They are both ceramic, so I'm not sure why there is such a big difference in price. Any feedback would be appreciated...thanks!
  2. if you want a good straightener, get a GHD :smile:.

    In all seriousness, just because two straighteners are both ceramic doesn't mean that they're equal AT ALL. i wouldn't use a straightener from target on my hair. heck, i'll never use a CHI on my hair again. IMO, it's worth it to not totally wreck your hair.
  3. i have a CHI and i flat iron my hair every day and I love it...its definatly worth it to spend money on a really good flat iron....
  4. Thanks ladies. I did some research earlier and I think I've narrowed it down to either a CHI or a HAI. I looked at the GHD too, but I don't know if I can justify spending $200+ on a flat iron...
  5. I got a T3 Tourmaline and I LOVE it. It is the best flat iron i've owned....sorry to throw another iron into the mix! :smile:
  6. I recently just went from a Chi to a GHD. I definitely recommend the GHD over the Chi any day. It's the best iron I've ever used. However, if you can't get the GHD then I'd go with the Chi.
  7. I hate the Chi, my friend used her Chi on my hair and I could tell my hair was unhappy. I have a Hai and I like it, it doesn't kill my hair, but I do need to run it through my hair a number of times to straighten my curls (even on the highest setting) so it can't be that great for my hair. I just bought a GHD yesterday because of all of the great feedback. If you use the ff2007 code for sephora, the price is $192+tax.
  8. I hear you on the price but remember we wear our hair everyday!! :yes:. I got a GHD and it is THE HG of flat irons, hands down.
  9. I own the Ghd and the Sedu
    They are both great!
  10. I looked at the Tigi flat iron, while I was at Target. It looks cool, but I have no idea if it's as good as a Chi or GHD. If you can afford the GHD, I would seriously consider it. It's the best flat iron I've ever tried, and I've used Conair (HORRIBLE!!!), Babyliss (ehh, not that great), and Chi (did the job, but dried out my hair). I hated paying as much as I did for it, but I feel it was totally worth it. My hair has never looked better. Even my brother-in-law told me how great my hair looks.