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  1. I did a search...but i couldn't find anything on this exactly so sorry if it's a repeat! I am going to buy tights tomorrow but was wondering what colors were popular this season. I am definitely going to get Grey tights, but are colored tights out? TIA :tup:
  2. I think they arent. It all depends of your clothes and style. It may sound a little rough, but also of your legs. If they are nothing to worry about, you can wear everything you like. But if they aren't perfect stick to black, gray or brown- they look good on any of us. In my oppinion only one colout is out and it's white. It looks OK only on girls under 10 and skinny models on the runnaway.
  3. Black, Grey, navy, and brown are all good choices.

    If you want to be daring go for yellow or cobalt or bright color like red. These colors look great too if you can pull it off.
  4. ^I agree. Classic colors like black, gray, and brown are some of the colors in my tights collection. But when I want to be daring, or channel my inner Blair Waldorf, I also wear colored tights: red, green, light blue, depending on the outfit.
  5. Oh, I looove tights!

    The tight colours I think look best are darker blues, greens, reds, and yellows. (: Greys of all shades are also pretty. I don't think you can go wrong with tights, as long as the colours work with your outfits.
  6. i love purple - it's my favorite colorful neutral, if that makes any sense.
  7. Ohh tights, love tights! The colours I have and wear are grey, stripe grey, black, navy, forest green, burgundy, black diamond knit, and cream cable knit. I think basic, solid colours are great, with a little bit of variety thrown in.
  8. I love tights too!! Unfortunately nobody appreciates my taste in them! :P