Tights: Yes or No

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  1. hey ladies! i am going on a group date with my girlfriends and our boyfriends at the four seasons. the restaurant said the attire is smart casual. i am not a fan of tights, in fact ive never worn them. the weather has been very cold lately so i was thinking of wearing my cocktail dress with black tights.
    tights with dress at the four seasons: good idea or bad idea?
    any input would be helpful! thank you!!:flowers:
  2. absolutly, black tights are fantastic
  3. Hm, I think it would depend on what shoes you are wearing!
  4. im wearing platform sandals..
  5. I think it depends on the whole outfit. I love black tights, but they don't go with everything.
  6. Love this look! Very of the moment...
  7. go for the tights. it's very audrey.
  8. Yes Yes Yes!
  9. Great idea! Love black tights with dresses. IMO, so classy :smile:
  10. Black opaque tights are great and very versatile. For a bit more character, Wolford and Chantal Thomas have fantastic patterns and designs!
  11. it could definitely work!
  12. Yeah, go for it! I think as long as the shoes aren't too delicate (i.e., look better with no hose/tights), it should be fine!
  13. Yes if your shoes are closed toe. There's nothing worst than seeing tights peeking out of open toed shoes so you might want to consider a pair of pumps rather than platform sandals.