Tights, tights, tights!

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  1. I did some searching but I didn't see the thread I was looking for.

    Where is your favorite place to buy tights? In particular, wild ones.. patterns, crazy lace/crochet, etc. I like www.sockdreams.com and Buffalo Exchange. Oops - I also forgot that I've bought quite a lot of awesome tights at Urban Outfitters (online, on sale is my preference).

    I saw a website someone posted here once for these amazing (expensive) patterned tights, almost tattoo like.. I thought I bookmarked it but I can't find it now. If you know what I am talking about, any help would be appreciated.

    Anyone else a total tight/hosiery fanatic? I sometimes wish I had more legs to wear them on.. Plus, I could wear multiple pairs of shoes at once.. But I guess that's a little strange. Haha.
  2. The tattoo ones are bebaroque : )

    I'll try and find my original thread on them but in the meantime, this is their website

  3. YES, that was it. Thank you! And thanks for the link. I especially love that first pair. I got this floral pair from sockdreams and they are amazing. Great fit! http://www.sockdreams.com/_shop/pages/socks_detail_ProductID_1806.php (I got the plum)
  4. Oooo - i really like those!!! Thanks for the link - Gonna take a look at sock dreams now!!
  5. Ooh those are nice and yes, very reasonable. Those are so going on my short list. Too bad I just placed an order with Urban Outfitters.. They will have to wait until my next shopping day, haha.
  6. i love tights, for the past 2 winters, i've been obsessesed with my cream cable knit ones
  7. I personally don't get on with tights, I hate anything tight around my waist, but I do love knee highs or pop socks. My absolutely favourite place to get them is Calzedonia (http://www.calzedonia.it/?lng=en) and I usually stock up when I'm in Lisbon as they're not available in the UK. My favourite pair are white, shot through with gold thread and have tiny flowers, leaves etc all over them. I was in Faro recently and cleared out their sale section, I'm currently wearing burgundy ones with a see through geometric silver thread pattern.
  8. ^^^ Thanks for the link!!
  9. Ooh I just found these fabulous funky tights: http://les-queues-de-sardines.com/SprSum10.html and they have a slew of shops that sell them in Paris, and I just happen to be going to Paris in June. YAY! Tights in Paris! I did buy one pair of argyle knit tights in Venice, Italy when I was there, so I might as well continue the tradition. :smile: