Tights that doesn't cling to sweater dresses?

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  1. I just realized I bought a ton of sweater dresses but only have 1 pair of black tights to go with them. :s Any recommendations for tights that doesn't cling to sweater dresses/wool skirts? If you can let me know the brand and style, that will be awesome! Thanks!!

    P.S. The one decent pair of tights I have are from DKNY (black opaque) and they still cling to my sweater dress when I tested it out at home.
  2. Hands down, SPANX are the way to go. First, they are indestructable, and second, they have such a smooth finish they do not stick to my sweater dresses.
  3. Take a small spray bottle, put a drop of Downy or other liquid fabric softener in it and fill with water. Spray your tights with the solution before putting them on and your clothes won't cling to them. If you forget to spray before putting on the tights, you can do it after unless you have sensitive skin.
  4. ^ Awesome! What a good idea, I'm going to try that tomorrow.
  5. Another idea is to put lotion on your tights. It will stop the clinging.
  6. Thanks for the suggestion! I will definitely give it a try. :yes:

    Also, was flipping through my November issue of Lucky and they listed the Satin De luxe from Wolford, Seidenglatt 70 from Falke, and Luxury Satin from Levante as their top 3 "cling-free" tights. Has anyone tried these yet??