Tightness in lower back near kidney....?

  1. Today I got a massage and the lady who massages me told me that I shouldn't be alarmed but maybe I might want to see a doctor. She said that every time she has massaged me she felt a tightness on my left side down near where my kidneys are on the left of my spine. I didn't know what she meant and she tried to show me how it felt but I can't feel anything. I have no pain. She said she didn't know it was a problem but it was just odd and might be something to have a doctor look at. Has anyone ever had a problem that this could be a symptom of? It makes me kind of nervous that I might have kidney problems and not know it.
  2. Hmm I have lots of stones and kidney infections but I never noticed a tightness when I do. It just hurts in that area. If you atr worried you could get it checked out to be on the safe side. I wish I knew what to tell you but I have never heard of this.
  3. Sounds like a knot. Some don't hurt.
    You say you can't feel anything, right?
    I would ask a friend to touch the are
    and see if he/she feels it. If no one but
    her feels it...maybe it's her, who knows.
    If others feel it, I would go to the doctor.
  4. Yeah, no pain, and I can't really feel what she's feeling myself. I might just go to the doctor for peace of mind.
  5. Usually, if something's wrong with your kidney, it'll hurt a lot. But it never hurts to get it checked up on--maybe mention it the next time you go to the doctor?
  6. I asked my mom to feel around there and she couldn't feel anything.
  7. My sister had horrible back pain, and went to get that checked...turns out she has a large kidney stone she did not know about...but she was hurting...

    Never hurts to have it checked out next time you are at the doctor...
  8. I guess I'm just trying to decide if I should make a doctor appt specifically for this. Aside from my yearly OB visit, I don't ever go to the doctor unless there's a reason. I do need to get a refill on migraine meds eventually so maybe I'll just go. I have known people with kidney stones and they always had a good deal of pain and I have none, so I'm hoping that means it's nothing.
  9. If it's a kidney stone, most likely you will know it.

    I've had 3 episodes, each one amounting to unbearable pain that led me to the ER...even morphine and dilaudid didn't help. Had to have surgery the last episode.
  10. Actually it's a super-common misconception, but your kidneys are not in your low back - they're up high just under where your bra strap rests where they're protected by your ribs.

    Kidney stones and infections will often cause pain in your low back as well. Still - I wouldn't go running to your doctor just because your massage therapist felt muscular tightness where she thought your kidney was (and was wrong) - not if you aren't having pain, blood in your urine or symptoms that are bothering YOU.
  11. I would get it checked out just to be on the safe side. My younger sister had the same type of thing happen a few years ago and when she went to the doctor they found something (I can't remember but can def get in touch with her if you're curious) that wasn't a big deal, but they "handled" it and the tightness and occasional pain she had with it disappeared. Good luck and keep us posted!
  12. The info in this post is correct, and I agree that you shouldn't worry about rushing to the doc unless you are having symptoms of some kind.
  13. I forgot I had even posted this! I ended up going to the doctor for something else and asking him about it. He felt the area, said he could feel what I was talking about, but that it was just simply more muscle built up there for some reason and that maybe I sit in a certain way or stand a certain way that my body compensates by building more muscle on that side. He even showed me on a diagram that there are no organs where it was and that it wasn't a problem. So all is good!
  14. Great news!
  15. DH had a kidney stone - believe me you'd know it if that was the problem. glad you went to your doctor anyway! that is great news.