Tight dresses keep riding up

  1. I agree, it's probably the wrong size - there is a difference between something being 'fitted' and 'too tight'!
  2. Its really just a matter of how much give the skirt material has as you walk. The larger the stride and the tighter the skirt the more it is forced to ride up. In addition the material will tend to cling to the skin, that is why tights or stockings help.
    This probably also explains why HL dresses don't seem to suffer so much because of the elastic material in them; certainly I've never had a problem with the 3 HL dresses I have.

    So smaller steps - higher heels help in this respect, perhaps a slightly less tight cut skirt and stockings are my solution.
  3. It happens to me with most tight fitting skirts and dresses and can be so annoying. The only solution I have found is to take shorter steps and wear heels.

    As for the shorts and velcro thing, no sorry that just wouldnt work.
  4. amyhill it does work, I have tried it on all my bodycons