Tight dresses keep riding up

  1. Does anyone have any tips or tricks to keep your short and tight dresses/skirts from riding up? I have two bodycon dresses thst I absolutely loveeee but every time I wear them i'm stuck tugging at them the whole night through to keep them down and its not a good look. Recently Ive was gifted a short tight skirt and Im so scared to even wear that out for fear of having to pull all night long. Any suggestions??
  2. i had this problem today!! i wore this adorable bodycon dress but it just kept. riding. up. there really is no solution i think...
  3. I've found if you wear tights (sheer) with bodycon they don't tend to 'ride up' as much, it's like the static holds them down better. Obviously if it's hot you can't do this... it's a PITA but you learn to do quick subtle corrections soon enough :p
  4. I think this is an unavoidable problem--as like flowy dress catching wind on breezy days. The only tip I can come up with is not taking too big of steps when you walk. Smaller strides will probably keep the dress in place for longer. HAHA, sorry I'm not much help.
  5. Hhmmm... My short Herve Leger dresses don't ride up. It's probably just unavoidable with certain styles and/or certain materials.
  6. It's probably too tight. If you just adjust it an inch, it will still look as slinky but won't ride up as much.
  7. I don't think short skirts would ride up as much as a dress would from my experience. But I agree with the suggestion of wearing tights to help hold the dress in place.
  8. I heard a sheer (seamless) slip helps. Because the dress has something to cling to.
  9. Perhaps it depends on the material. I have a tight satin dress from Karen Millen which doesn't ride up. Perhaps it's because the satin is on the thick side...
  10. I've found that a body shaper helps it stay in place a little better.
  11. My Herve Leger dress rides up...that material is pretty thick. My thinner cheap f21 dresses and skirts ride up as well. I think it's pretty much unavoidable in my experience.
  12. It's probably an issue with sizing -- for example, I heard that spanx can ride up if they're either too tight or too loose. When I'm buying a tight dress or skirt, I do a little dance in the dressing room to see if it will be a problem. (note: first make sure no one is watching, lol).
  13. I was googling the same question trying to figure out how to keep my tight dress down when I am at work, pulling down on it constantly while running around with trays of food and plates is not practical. So I tried some things out for myself and came to a conclusion of wearing a tube top as a skirt that's the same colour of your dress not only will it hold your dress or skirt down it will hold your bits in and add some length if needed! :smile: I hope this helps. :tup:
  14. I agree about taking smaller steps. I use to have this huge stride and wonder why my skirts rode up to my hips!
  15. Have you tried sizing up? Herve Leger only rides up when I wear XXS, so I started wearing XS and haven't had a problem since!