Tiger species spotted two decades after it was thought to be extinct

  1. Sat Oct 13, 11:26 AM

    By The Associated Press

    BEIJING - A tiger species thought to be extinct in the wild for more than two decades has been photographed by a farmer in northwest China, state media reports.

    The South China tiger, an endangered tiger subspecies believed to have died out in the wild, was spotted in a mountainous area, the China Daily said.

    The tiger was photographed by a farmer on Oct. 3. Experts confirmed that it was a young South China tiger, the newspaper quoted Shaanxi Forestry Administration Bureau Deputy Director Zhu Julong as saying.

    "After careful examination, experts confirmed the authenticity of the photos. That means the tiger has been found again after more than 20 years," Zhu said.

    The South China tiger is one of the world's smallest and the only tiger subspecies native to China's central and southern areas, the official Xinhua News Agency said.

    In the early 1950s, there were 4,000 South China tigers across the country, but that number fell as their habitat was squeezed by China's economic boom. There are 68 of the tigers in zoos in China, the newspaper said.

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  2. That is such exciting news!!!! Whenever I hear about extinct animals I console myself by imagining that there are some survivors out there in hiding. Let's hope this time around these beautiful animals are protected.
  3. wow those are gorgeous tigers. It's always good to hear news like that.
  4. That's great news!!
  5. That's awesome news ^-^
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    That's Amazing!!
  7. Awesome!!!
  8. This is news that is beyond fantastic, what majestic and beautiful cats those are!
  9. wow, that's awesome. i hope there are more :sad:
  10. what a beautiful tiger!
  11. Wildlife office sued over "paper tiger" saga

    Reuters - Tuesday, December 11 09:15 am
    BEIJING (Reuters) - A legal scholar has sued China's top wildlife authority for not getting involved in a national controversy over a farmer's "snapshots" of a wild tiger believed to be extinct, a newspaper said on Tuesday.

    In October, Zhou Zhenglong, from mountainous Zhenping county in the northern province of Shaanxi, produced photographs of the tiger he said were taken in the forest near his village.
    A local forestry authority said the photographs were proof that the South China tiger, belonging to a subspecies long feared extinct, still existed in the wild.
    But Internet users have accused Zhou of making the tiger images with digital software, and local authorities of approving the photographs to bolster tourism.
    China's top wildlife office, the State Forestry Administration, has drawn fire for sponsoring a so far fruitless search for the tiger, and for refusing to rule on the veracity of the photographs which experts have lined up to dismiss as fakes.
    Hao Jingsong decided to sue the wildlife office after it turned down his demands to appoint a "professional organisation" to verify the photographs, according to Tuesday's Procuratorial Daily, an official paper of China's top prosecutors' office.
    "The (administration) sent a group of experts to Zhenping to conduct investigations into the tiger, without first verifying that the photographs were real," the paper quoted Hao as saying.
    "This is irresponsible behaviour," said Hao, adding that the suit was a "call for official credibility".
    The suit would be registered by the Beijing Second Intermediate People's Court within a week, the paper said, citing a court official.
    The South China tiger debate has captivated local media and Internet users in China, and has intensified in recent weeks following the emergence of a Chinese New Year commemorative poster whose image of a tiger bears a striking resemblance to the one in Zhou's pictures.
    Earlier this month, a panel of photography, zoology and botany experts that analysed Zhou's pictures out of a "sense of social responsibility", unanimously dismissed his tiger as faked.

  12. Aw if it is indeed fake then SHAME on him for faking the pic!

    I hope it was not fake tho....