Tiger print Veneta question

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  1. Hi, I need your help regarding a medium size tiger print veneta that I want buy by phone order, does it have any details in snake skin ? The SA from an over-seas boutique tells me it does but I have only seen the plain one with Nappa leather...Have any of you seen that tiger veneta with snake skin details ? Could he be talking about another Veneta that has that detail ?
    I am confused now :confused1::confused1:...I don't want to end up with the wrong bag
    Any help is appreciated
  2. vancleef is this the boutique in Jeddah or Riyadh?
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    I tried Harvey Nichols in Riyadh but no luck so I called London...
  4. The tiger print veneta has an ayers (snakeskin) trim. It's available in three sizes, medium, large and maxi. HTH
  5. I have the maxi and the braid that surrounds the bag and the zipper pull are snake with a really pretty sheen to it :smile:


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  6. yep, the snakeskin is the trim. it's the right bag. you're getting one? i'm so jealous! :drool:
  7. yes, i have the medium size and the trim is snakeskin
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    kcm 155 , Thanx i am also getting the medium, It will be my first veneta :yes

    Jeshika, yes i am:yahoo:
    LLNeedle, Yes it did help, thanx

    BichonLover, Thanx for the reply and picture, What got me really confused and thinkg the SA might be refering to another bag is the color of the veneta in the pics, In NetAPorter the bag looks lighter in color than in the pic in this
  9. Does the light beige get dirty quickly ?
  10. It really depends on you. For example Bichon Lover has lots of light color bags and she is the right kind of careful, and has no problem. I, on the other hand have one white bag, that I've yet to use, because I seem to attract dirt.
  11. I think there might be two different colours for the Tiger Veneta - one slightly darker than the other... or am I confused?
  12. This is what I am suspicious of...:confused1::confused1:
    I wish somebody can confirm this
  13. I have the tiger print in large...there's only one colorway.
  14. goodluck with your purchase!
  15. i think it might just be the lighting? there's only one color as far as i know.