Tiger print veneta owners please come help!

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  1. I need your help deciding whether I should go for this bag.
    I love the style of veneta and the tiger print is one of the most unique and beautiful once I've seen. But I have some concerns before I take the plunge.
    Does this bag hold up well? Does the print come off over time by rubbing against clothing? Does it get color(dye) transfer since it's relatively a light colored bag?

    Thank you all ladies please give me your 2 cents :biggrin:
  2. I have the large size and haven't had any problems with color transfer from clothes or the color coming off of the bag. That being said, I rotate my bags frequently so I never use them for more than a week straight.

    I love it mine!
  3. I also have a large and only carry it during the summer months when I typically wear stone/khaki colored pants and white T's. It's too hot here for jeans in the summer so I haven't had to deal with color transfer. It's a fun bag....go for it!
  4. hi there! i have the medium tiger print veneta and YES! the print is absolutely gorgeous... especially the snakeskin trim on the edge. :love: I haven't experienced any rubbing off of the print from contact with clothing so I think u should be fine. I usually dont carry my tiger veneta with jeans for fear of color transfer so I cannot say if it has happened. hth!!! :biggrin:

  5. Ditto! Mine's a maxi. I do wear it with jeans but as mentioned before in another thread I try not to let to "rub really hard against my pants". :nuts:

    Go for it. What size are you looking at?
  6. love the tiger bag....
  7. I ordered the medium from Bluefly and it was delivered today. Just opend the box and I'm in love. The print is beautiful and the leather is so soft.

  8. :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo: Time for a reveal!!!! :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:

    Boy, I'm inspired. If it wasn't going to be raining tomorrow I'd pull out my maxi.
    Congrats and we'll be waiting for your reveal and modeling pics. :tup:
  9. woohoo! we are bag twins! :woohoo: congrats on your purchase!!! modelling pictures please? don't you just love how beautiful the print is and it is not at all tacky. :love: i shall bring my tiger veneta out when it stops raining... :P
  10. Hi, I have a maxi tiger veneta. Gosh, it's my favorite. I can endlessly put anything inside and holds very well without me worrying about the weight. I used to have the large but my firend exchanged it for the maxi. Maxi is the better size for me. I don't have problems with color transfer, fading or stains. It's a resistant bag.
  11. I have a large n it's been Pretty stain resistant for such a light colored bag. Ok I haven't used it very much but still I don't see any dark stains on the handle at all after more than a year.

    Frankly though, I've been struggling whether to sell it cos I find the leather a little stiffer than regular nappa n I can only use it if I wear something plain or else it'll clash with the prints. But then everytime I take her out n think of selling her I just can't... But I still keep thinking after such a long time so I wonder if she wasn't really meant for me... I've never had such a sense of detachment from the start with my other bags- it's kinda like I never got attached to her. Yet I see she's so unusual with the snake trim n all. Anyone else has trouble "bonding" with any of your bags?? I love the grape tournabuoni n wonder if I should sell my Tiger n get one of those ...

    Sorry I started answering query but ended up hijacking your thread to ramble on about my struggle with my bag... I'm thinking of bringing down to a shop today to leave it there to see if anyone fancies her... Arggh... Let's see if I actually can bring myself to do it ...