Tiger Keyring - can you help?

  1. Girls, I need one of those round tiger keychain thingys asap.....if you see one, can you tell me??

  2. you mean the round face /circle thingy on a silver color chain?
  3. Hi GF,

    Do you mean the tiger charm? I have one and I love it....I'll ask my SA if she can find one.
  4. yep!! that's the one!

    kat - thanks!
  5. K, NYC has one.
  6. K, were you able to contact NYC? If you need further assistance let us know. It's a great charm--its ears are made of Rouge H chevre.
  7. I have that charm,.. it's collecting dust!
  8. How much are these retail? There's a tiger one on eBay atm from Objects_imtemporeal (or something like that..)
  9. Thanks to you all!!

    Got it from San Fran, hugs and kisses to H (Crochetbella)!!

    It's a Chrissy Present for my Mum (she's year of the Tiger), and Sydney couldn't get one for me (discontinued?).....you're all SO helpful!

  10. Please don't tell me your mother was born in 1962, and is one of those super youthful grandmothers, who when they take their grandchildren out for a walk look like they're with their children!
  11. wong - no, Mum is 56...born in 1950...still pretty young since I'm 32 with two kiddos!!
  12. That is pretty young still. I just had these visions of a woman who would be only a couple of years older than me being a grandmother.

    Friend has a mother like that. Started at 19, my friend had her first at 23, and now when she travels for work and can't do the school run, her mother volunteers because she likes being mistaken for a 13 year old boy's mother!