Tiganello Copying the Sienna......

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  1. Well, I just wanted to mention that I saw a baby blue Tiganello at Macy's today, and lo and behold, it was the spitting image of the Kooba Sienna. I was wondering when someone was going to copy it for their own........:crybaby: I may have even misspelled their name......but the bag was a cheap version of my beloved Sienna.
  2. these peeps make my wallet. i love my wallet. i needa go and search on this. hmmm...

    okies so i can't find a thing on this bag. find a pic!

    and it's Tignanello! :yes: hehe
  3. Thanks, VB!! I couldn't remember how to spell the name. I've seen Tignanello at TJM and Marshalls, and I do believe that Macy's is now carrying their line because there were other types of bags. The bag was cute......but it was an exact replica of the Sienna....well, except for the thick leather and chunky hardware. I guess all bags get copied after a few years to by anyway........At least it wasn't a cheesy copy.....the bag was in the $150 range......will try to find a pic......

    Here's a link to a page from their website.....check it out! Thre's a pic of one......
  4. Oh no!!! Boo!!!

    I remember a couple of years ago seeing Sienna look-a-likes at Aldo... complete with whipstitched handles and everything - only $39.99. Eeek!
  5. I've seen this brand at TJ Maxx before and this bag too. It is sad b/c that is a great bag!
  6. Koobalover- I remember those bags at Aldo's too!! The SA saw me looking at them and tried to sell me one (and me carrying my Mia at the time)...too funny!
  7. ^Yup, I totally stormed in there carrying my Olive Sienna and scoped them out. They were icky!