Tiffany's =(

  1. I just came back from Tiffany's at South Coast Plaza straight from work. So basically, I'm in scrubs, hair up, glasses on. Well I was interested in getting a cute ring just to wear. I was looking at a plain band ring, but it ended up being to be too thick for me. So I went around searching, found this cute little heart ring.

    I'm standing at the counter waiting for an SA to help me. Right before I got there an SA asked these 2 other females if they needed help, then I came along. She walked away to the register, stood there knowing I was there. Another SA walked to her and they just started chatting. One of the SAs were even faced towards me. I was getting REALLY upset because this isn't the first time. I mean, I had my Chanel purse with me, also a Chanel shopping bag from a wallet purchase. I waited for about 5 minutes. Then I just went over to the other SA who helped me right away to assist me. So then we walked back to the other counter, and those nasty SAs were looking at me with a face, 'opps we didn't help her, now she ran to someone else. ' Gah!! It makes me so angry. Who are THEY to judge me. I'm just so sick of these rude SAs. I mean they just lost a sale from me. It just ruins my experience when I have to stand there waiting, especially when they are 4 feet away from me.

    Sorry for the long post, but I just had to rant.
  2. :tdown: There are a lot of these bad SA threads around. They all need to learn manners. After all...if the owners of these stores were to find out they would lose their jobs. I am a Mystery Shopper and this is the exact thing we look for. All it takes is for one of us to make a bad report on them...bam...they are FIRED.
    What ever happened to treating people as equals??
  3. You know, I LOVE Tiffany&Co. and I shop there with my b/f quite frequently. There's always one or two SAs who are totally snobby. There's this one SA whom we pretty much only buy from (now we're sad cuz she's on mat leave) and she's SUPER sweet!! She always remembers us and gives us her most honest opinions. But there's also this one SA whom I ALWAYS avoid and try to ignore cuz she was mean to me this one time. I remember I wanted to exchange my Tiffany earrings cuz they didn't look brand new even though my b/f had just bought them, and she was just flat out rude. She gave me the impression that I was lying and that I couldn't have just gotten them or perhaps they were fake. I was mad. Then my b/f came in to meet me and she recognized my b/f from the day before and that he did just purchase them. Her attitude changed 180. After that, every time I see her, I just say "I'm just looking." and then wait for my fave SA to help us.

    Yeah, I just hate SAs who judge customers by their appearance.
  4. It seems as though there is no such thing as good customer service nowadays.

    Cute ring by the my style.
  5. I HATE that! I usually have a great time at Tiffany's...USUALLY!! If I don't, or someone is rude, I just walk away and find someone else and then when I make my purchase I have it gift wrapped (even tho it's just for me!) that way the snooty SA sees that I JUST brought something! The next time I come in, that same snooty so and so snaps to! Never fails!

    I do try to give the benefit of the doubt..I worked in retail YEARS ago and sometimes, you're just having an "off" day. I'm sorry their attitude made YOUR day less fun!

    Enjoy the ring tho! It's a beaut!
  6. ugh, I'm sorry that happened to you! There's never an SA around when you want help... and then there are times when they won't leave you alone!

    Well, I'm glad you didn't give them a sale!
  7. When I was at Tiffanys in NY last April I had to ask an SA to show me some earrings after waiting at the counter....she was cold so.......I went over to another counter and had a great SA that approached me immediatly and showed me some things...I then told him I'd like to look at those earrings again and we went right over there and I saw the cold SA looking and I said ring them should have seen her lost commission face!
  8. heheh, i like some of the stories here and i dread to read some of the stories here. SA are people as we know...and it's horrible that some of us had to encounter those that aren't of the best moods at the moment. It's just too bad... :sad:

    but, the next time you go, you could always ignore those ladies and get another SA that works better for you. i know it might get on your nerves a little but...that's life.
  9. you know what the funniest part is, they may be sales people at a snobby jewelry store, but they're still just sales people. it's like when waiters are snobby. it's so ridiculous it's almost funny. i don't care how snobby and expensive the restaurant is, they're still just waiters. so i just laugh it off and i don't let this sort of thing get to me anymore.
  10. Nice ring, I totally understand what you mean about mean SA's! Its their loss!!
  11. On the other hand, perhaps they were just taking one of those idle mini-break? Or maybe they wanted to give u the space to browse without disturbing u? I prefer to beckon them when I need their help. We can't expect them to be telepathic either or to be so sensitive to our needs, or be super-duper all the time. Just to see things in another light, not out to offend
  12. Wow, it really works against the image of Tiffany's in "Breakfast at Tiffany's."

    BTW, I had pretty much the same thing happen to me at that baily banks and biddle place. I will never go back.
  13. I love that wording......`lost commission face!` !!!!!

    That is exactly the right phrase to use....very Pretty Woman.. LOL :tup:
  14. I usually get excellent service at Tiffanys. They're always smiling, courteous. I know this one SA at the Tiffanys in Toronto who will probably give the type of service you complained about. Hope your next shopping experience will be better!
  15. they really should be let go....i'm so sorry this happened to you....hope we all never have to see those rude SAs!!