Tiffany's three stone with sapphires ring

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  1. I think this ring is stunning and I have seen one in person. It goes so well with a platinum knife edge band.

    As to getting it or a larger solitaire, you can only answer that. I think you should focus on which ring sings to you more versus if you can get a larger solitaire. However if I am in your shoes, I would pick the solitaire and get the three stone ring on a milestone anniversary and wear it as a RHR.

    Good luck deciding and do let us know what you end up with.
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  2. Hi! I would get a larger solitaire. It’s a classic and you won’t get sick of it. Plus... I am a big believer of letting your diamond be the star. I have a simple Tiffany solitaire and love it.

    You can do a sapphire right hand ring later.

    Good luck!
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