Tiffany's Ten Strand Heart Necklace

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  1. Does anyone have this?? I am thinking of getting it but not sure...any opinions would be greatly appreciated!! TIA:p
  2. Are you getting the sterling or 18k version?

    Personally... I think it's a GORGEOUS necklace in either metal... :love:

    Before my BF got me my 1st T&Co piece, I bought myself a 3strand sterling heart necklace... and after I got that 1st piece... I started browsing the website... and discovered my "cute" sterling necklace was a 3 strand "inspired" piece... LOL... the heart looked like the mini EP open heart...

    I had no idea & now I'm almost embarrassed to wear it.... certainly not if I'm headed anywhere near Tiffany!
  3. Oooh, that is a pretty piece! I'm curious as to the metal as well...

    I don't have it...I have a short neck :sad:. I can't wear stuff like that. :crybaby:
  4. I've tried it on recently and it is beautiful but... it is pretty dressy of a piece so I did not end up purchasing because for that amount of $$ I would want something I'd be able to wear more often.