Tiffany's Sterling Silver Polish Cloth

  1. I just got my first Tiffany's piece as a graduation gift. Its a sterling silver bracelet, so I bought the polishing cloth because I know it will eventually tarnish. How often should I polish it? Any other care tips? Thanks!
  2. i think the more you use it, the less you need to polish it.
    i have a bunch of tiffanys that are mostly just sit in my jewelry box, and the last time i looked at them, they kinda oxidize a bit.
    however, the one bracelet that i wear everyday (my dh first gift when we started dating) never oxidizes. it is still as shiny as the day he gave it to me. :biggrin:
  3. Thanks for your help :flowers: I'm also trying really hard not to scratch it since I'm not use to wearing chunky jewelry. I normally wear little dinky jewelry :smile:
  4. i gotta agree, the more you use sterling silver jewelry, the less it will tarnish.
  5. Learning something new everyday! :smile:
  6. You had to buy the polishing cloth separately? I thought they usually gave those out for free?

    Btw I love the bracelet... whoever got it for you has good taste!
  7. I say to polish whenever you think it needs it...if it looks a little dull or you see any tarnish, go for it. I've never heard of sterling silver being polished 'too' much. =D

    But yes, the more you wear it the less it will need polishing. Although try not to get 'stuff' on it (hairspray, perfume, etc.). =D
  8. mrsjimmyh, I'm wondering what is the reason sterling silver doesn't tarnish with frequent use? TIA
  9. i dont own any SS jewelry and i thought the other way around.

    nice to know that i dont need to baby it. so maybe its time for some tiffany for me? hehe
  10. Thanks everyone!

    I did have to pay $5 for the small polishing cloth. The lady recommended it when I was getting my engraving done.
  11. What A Fabulous Graduation Gift! Congratulations!!!!! Enjoy! :smile:
  12. :huh: I guess Tiffany's is getting stingier now with the freebies!
  13. Freebies? Hmmm, I've never gotten a polishing cloth maybe I'll ask for one when I'm wearing something more expensive from there.

    Anyways, I've also read that if you keep a piece of chalk in your jewelry box it keeps the silver jewelry from turning. I haven't tried this out because I keep my jewelry in pouches.
  14. My mom spent over 600 for my sisters grad. gift a couple of weeks ago, and the lady threw in the polishing cloth. When my mom bought my tiffanys necklace this past Christmas, they didn't throw it in, and never asked if we wanted to purchase it. Soooo stuipd too, since my necklace is the oval return to tiffanys and my sisters necklace is on a chain that won't need polising, with matching earrings that will tarnish w/o use, but, don't you think a chunkier necklace would need it more? It made no sense! Sorry for my rant, I just don't get why companies do odd things like this lol!
  15. Ohh hmm maybe it's how much you spend then.. my dad spent about $6K on a ring for my mom & then got me a necklace for helping him pick out the ring the day we got the polishing cloth and jewelry cleaner for free. I just assumed they did that for every purchase as part of the whole "Tiffany's experience."

    I mean come on after you spend like $180-280 on a sterling silver necklace, shouldn't they throw in the $5 cloth for free? :blink: