Tiffanys Silver Mesh Ring

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  1. Hi! i was thinkin about getting this ring in the wide! does anyone have it??
    Do u like it? if u have any pics pls post! thanks:smile:
  2. I love the Somerset line! I like the look of the wide one but personally found the width of the one with the heart on it more suitable/comfortable..
    I sometimes turn it around so it looks like just the mesh ring as well if you know what I mean!

    Here's a pic I took awhile back for the nail polish thread...
  3. I have the Somerset ring with diamonds:

  4. I have the one you're talking about and I LOVE it. The only negative aspect of it is that over time it stretches out sooo much (at least for me.) I'm actually on my 3rd one right now. I really want the one w the diamonds but there's no way I'd spend the extra money on something I know I'm going to have to replace.
  5. The model with diamonds has almost no give. The mesh part is very stiff and doesn't stretch. Mine is still perfectly round and I wear it daily.

  6. did tiffanys replace them or did u buy new ones??
  7. I purchased them.
  8. how long before it started to stretch??? why didnt u call customer service??
  9. I really like it but my friend told me hers gets really dirty and is hard to clean..
  10. I really don't recall how long it took for the sizing to change.

    Honestly, I didn't even think of calling customer service. IMO, it's not like there's something necessarily WRONG with the just didn't fit my finger anymore. I actually had to go to the customer service dept for another piece of jewelry maybe a year ago and while I was talking to the woman, I mentioned to her how my mesh ring comes off veryyy easily (and I also demonstrated how easily it comes off) and she just said that sometimes that happens with those rings. She suggested that next time I want one to buy it one size down...but then I'm not really sure how I'll be able to wear the ring at first? :shrugs: It's not really a big deal to anymore. I always take it off before I shower and I just try to be aware of its whereabouts.

    I'd still recommend it. It's my favorite :smile:
  11. there's no way to avoid it (i'm a former tiffany employee) it will stretch out eventually.. and you can't clean the mesh.. but if you love it it shouldn't stop you from getting it! and tiffanys will not replace it.. nor can they really clean it.
  12. But I just dropped mine off for cleaning? Gonna cost me $30 too.
  13. I was going to get it until my friend got hers and the metal kept 'snagging', like part would hang off. She exchanged it a few times and it kept happening!
  14. idk.. you live in sydney but at the US stores we generally didn't clean it for customers because it gets so dirty and most of the tarnishing is going on inbetween the mesh parts.. and it's really hard to get out. because they can't exactly touch on on interior mesh parts. maybe they do where you are from?? wow $30 bucks for a cleaning!! you'll have to let us know if it got it clean.. is that USD or in australian dollars?

    it stretches because well it's just thin metal that's woven together.. it's like a thin necklace chain.. if you were to tug it'll break apart.. so eventually the metal gets loose around your fingers.
  15. i'm just really surprised they charge you because cleaning is generally free.. i wonder if it's because it's so difficult to clean.. that they are sending it away to have cleaned???