Tiffany's repair policy?

  1. hi! i have several pieces but i never really had any break on me!

    what happens? does anyone know their policy?
  2. I had the silver bead bracelet break on me and they replaced it with a new one. They are always awesome with their customer service.
  3. Tiffany's has one of the best customer service.
  4. They fix it for free. I love Tiffany's. They've fixed a few things I've accidently broken over the years.
  5. They'll fix it up for ya! (As long as it's not a missing diamond! That you'll have to pay to replace but, the work is free).
  6. yeah, i've gotten a faulty clasp for one bracelet before and have worn it for over a year and they replaced it with a new one...yippeee. great service. hope this info from the ladies help
  7. Wow, sounds awesome! They'll fix it free of charge regardless of how long you've been having the item?
  8. It depends on how long you have had the item, If it is under a year it is usually also depends on what the problem is i.e. broken chain broken clasp. I know their policy pretty well...
  9. Tiffany's repair policy is generous but with limits.

    I had a ruby and diamond cluster ring (round brilliant ruby center stone surrounded by smaller round brilliant and marquise diamonds) which lost a marquise side diamond. I had gotten the ring for my birthday in November and had used it for dressy dinners and evenings out during a Utah ski trip a month later. The marquise diamond was held in place by two prongs, one at each point. I believe one of the prongs was improperly placed to begin with and that the stone loosened and fell off when the ring caught on the lining of my glove. Tiffany replaced the small marquise diamond without charge. Tiffany also replaced a small, delicate necklace (Elsa Peretti's diamonds by the yard) that became knotted and tangled when efforts to untangle the knot proved fruitless.

    Jewelry aside, I was charged for the repair of a dented and scratched brass alarm clock from the Atlas line. I had dropped the clock after owning it for seven or eight years. The crystal or glass on the clock was replaced and the dented back cover was repaired or replaced.