Tiffany's Price Increase

  1. I just came back from Tiffany & co today and the sales person told me that the prices are going up on this sunday. :tdown:I find alot of their things overpriced anyways but since my freind asked for something from there for her birthday I went ahead a bought it.
  2. WTF?! Why? I am a Tiffany's junkie. This is very bad news!
  3. Deals & Steals is for sales notices only please.
    I'll move this to our Jewelry Box for you now. . . .
  4. NOOOOOOOOOOO!!! is this true. I want something for valentines :shame:
  5. any idea on how much?
  6. OMG noooo.. I hope this doesn't affect Canada, we just had a price decrease !
  7. OMG.... how much %?
  8. Does anyone know if the price increase would be reflected on Tiffany's website yet? I just checked and the prices of all the items I was looking at before are still the same. Maybe they haven't updated their website yet.
  9. ^ I think I've found a few items that have increased in price (but then again, I never realllly pay attention to prices of things until I'm ready to buy them LOL). The Venetian link bracelets are still the same price, as are the silver bead earrings and the knot ring I was looking at 2 weeks ago. But I think the silver bead bracelet might have increased (I bought it when it first came out for around $100 bucks!) Anyway, I guess we'll find out soon enough!
  10. New prices are up on the website now... the necklace I wanted went up $10. Not too bad lol..
  11. venetian link bracelet went up from $100 to $125 and the bead bracelet went up from $150 to $165! AND the heart tag went up to 190 from 175!
  12. Ah, I see the price increases now! I was getting really excited before when they weren't updated haha. I was going to order earrings at noon when I checked and they hadn't gone up, but I figured I'd just buy them tomorrow when I went to the store. Now they're $10 more expensive! Why did I wait!
  13. The prices go up, but some of the quality seems to have gone down. I was comparing my heart tag that i got fro 135 to the one in the store (now $185?)

    The silver is a lot lighter and the links seem to be smaller (tiny bit)

    price increases make me :sad:
  14. This makes me angry too. The RTT silver tag charm bracelet was 200 now it's 205. It was 175 not too long ago. Ridiculous but I still want it! I also heard that T&Co reported a decrease in earnings. So what do they do about it? Raise prices of course!
  15. Well, T&Co. isn't the only company with price increases... LV price increase starts today too... 5%!!!! :sad: