Tiffany's or Mikimoto Pearls?

  1. I'm looking to buy a 16" strand of pearls with pearl stud earrings. What brand should I go with? Also I for sure going with a 7.5 mm stud but I can't decide if I should go with the 7 x 7.5 mm or 7.5 x 8 mm strand. I've only looked at mikimoto's pearls and I would be getting the A+ quality. I haven't gotton a chance to look at Tiffany's as everytime I go there it is packed. I've looked on the website however, it does not state the quality.
  2. You know... i have no idea what quality pearls Tiff uses, but just on eyeball shot... I have yet to meet a T&co pearl I like as much as the mikimotos.

    And having said that... i suppose I should say that I'm not qualified to say anything about pearl quality... :roflmfao:

    Heck, I've been known to shop costco pearls... my pearls aren't in heavy rotation with me, so I didn't want to spend so much... :graucho:
  3. mikimoto
  4. Mikimoto Pearls, no doubt, unless you want the larger size South Sea pearls. Go with the store that specializes in pearls.

    As for 7 x 7.5 mm vs. 7.5 mm x 8mm, I would go for the biggest size as you can squeeze your budget. After all, as in the case of diamonds, it is not everyday you buy pearls.
  5. Mikimoto , My grandmother has sevral strands and she loves those things more than some of her childern:roflmfao:

    having said that I have Tiffany's jelwelery and I doubt they make anything of sub standrad quality
  6. I love my miki's :smile: They have different grades, and I would think so long as you stayed away from the chain store pearls, you can't go wrong. Besides, there's a certain cache to that darling clasp. :yahoo:

  7. cannot compare Tiffany's and Mikimoto when talking about pearls, I think Mikimoto surpasses Tiffany's by far.
  8. Definately Mikimoto. It does depend a bit on your price range though.
  9. Mikimoto for pearls! They are exquisite and I think you will be thrilled with either size. Also, just for your consideration, think about getting a matching bracelet. That way you can use it to make your necklace longer for certain occasions.
  10. Mikimoto, it's like THE pearl brand
  11. I have some Mikimotos and I'm very satisfied with them.
  12. I think Mikimoto will be a better choice, as they are specialists in pearls. T&Co would not likely deal in a substandard product, but Mikimoto pearls are TDF!

    Also, I agree with what was posted above re. size - when in doubt, go for larger. The 8mm is a lovely, very adaptable size, it looks substantial on its own, but it can also be added to, if you wanted to bring in a second strand at a later date, 8mm would still look fabulous!

    I bought a pair of 10mm south sea pearl stud earrings not too long ago, they stand on their own, but look good also with a strand, provided the strand is smaller. So you may want to go even bigger with your stud earring size!
  13. mikis for sure!
  14. Mikimoto since it is their speciality...I was at Mikimoto in Las Vegas at The Venetian a few weeks. They were extremely helpful. Their pearls were gorgeous.

    You can't go wrong with a classic piece. Have fun shopping!
  15. Definitely Mikimoto. I have a long pearl necklace strand, bracelet, and studs and I love them! My necklace and bracelet have the same clasps so if I want to make my necklace even longer, I just attach the bracelet to it.